Sunday, December 18

Sunday Ketchup

~'Sunday Ketchup' was inspired by The Muse in the Fog's 'Suddenly Sunday' postings. However, mine are going to be a little bit different. Also when I went to spell 'Catchup' I accidentally spelled it wrong and put 'Ketchup'. I thought it was cute, so I kept it. Also, I'm addicted to ketchup! I want one of those ketchup shirts that says "I <3 Ketchup". Wouldn't that be cute? Every week, or whenever I remember, I'm going to post events that happened this past week, things coming up next week, updates, and news. You can join in and post your own 'Sunday Ketchup' postings, just make sure to mention me...if you want ^.^ ~

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been a long week. I just started Christmas shopping Saturday, but I'm halfway done and I feel accomplished. Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Even though I went and got some shopping done, I still don't feel the holiday spirit. I don't know why, but I'm not feeling it this year. Is that bad? Oh well. I hope the rest of your week is fantastic! And happy holidays!

Past Week Posts:

~Movie Review: Dragonball Evolution
~Randomness Makes the World Go Around
~Book Review: The Bow of Heaven

What's Going to Be Posted This Week?:
Not 100% certain. I really want to get The Time of the Dragon read and reviewed, but at the rate I'm going, that may not happen. For certain, I'll be announcing the next Movie of the Week sometime during the week. Nothing is certain this week, because it is Christmas week...

Anything New for the Blog:
I'll probably update the 'Quotes' section, but nothing else that extreme. I'll defiantly let you guys know. 

Tim Hortons News:
None. Boring, I know.

What Came in the Store/Mail?:
Thomas, my cousin, sent me three books and I got them the other day. He sent me the whole 'Hunger Games' series. How awesome is that? I haven't read any of them, but now that I own them, I shall sometime in the future. ^.^

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?:
Happy holidays everyone! =)



Blodeuedd said...

Wohoo, go Thomas! That is such a nice gift

sonia said...

I haven't read The Hunger Games but all my friends have. Definitely need to before the movie comes out...

Carole Rae said...

Blodeuedd, it was. I'm was really excited!

Sonia, neither have I! I need to read it too.