Saturday, December 31

Favorites of 2011

Hi everyone! How are you guys? Are you excited for the new year? I am! Whenever a new year approaches, I get really excited to see whats going to happen. It's like a new're not sure what to expect, but you're dying to flip the next page.

Well, I originally planned to have my 'favorites of 2011' to be divided into three separate posts, but time was against me and I had a couple posts I wanted to post beforehand. *sighs* Oh well, I'll just jam pact this post with my three categories of 'favorites'.

Alright, there are three different categories: 1. Music 2. Movies and 3. Books (of course). I nominated about five or so to each 'favorite' and slowly and carefully eliminated one by one until there was a single nominee left. If there was a tie I used to help me break the tie. ^.^ BY THE WAY, these are of my own personal opinion...shall we begin?


~Favorite Solo Artist of the Year:

~Favorite Band/group of Artists of the Year:

~Favorite Song of the Year:
'Party Rockers Anthem' by LMFAO

~Female Movie Character of the Year:
Bulma from Dragonball: Evolution played by Emmy Rossum

~Male Movie Character of the Year:
John Dillinger from Public Enemies played by Johnny Depp

~Movie of the Year:

~Female Book Character of the Year:
Kate Masden from My Dangerous Duke by Gaelen Foley

~Male Book Character of the Year:
Matshuito from The Snow Fox by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

~Author of the Year:
Gaelen Foley. In 2011, alone, I've read 3 of her books. So far I've kept up and I've read all her books. Right now I'm reading her most recent release My Ruthless Prince.

(Now it's time for the biggie....)
~Book of the Year:
*drumroll*Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn! I even "casted" this book, click here to see who I seen while reading this book... 

Do you guys like my choices? I feel very set in stone on my favorites of the year! I'm dying to see what I'll stumble upon in 2012. ^.^ Leave me your links to your 'favorites' or 'top tens' of 2011! I hope you all have a fun and safe New Years! I'll be stuck at work working a midnight. *thinks* I wonder how they got me to work a midnight -.- Anyways, have fun for me too!

PS-This is the last post of 2011. *sad face* It's so bittersweet...


Blodeuedd said...

Have not read those books so can't say, but I wanna :)

And wohoo, Adele truly rocks! Red Cliff was a good movie too

Carole Rae said...


I simply adore Adele! Even though the majority of her songs make me want to jump off a cliff, I still enjoy them. Red Cliff was such a good movie.

Joanne said...

I must read Mistress of Rome soon.
Happy New Year!

AsianCocoa said...

Adele! Hell yeah! That's my favorite album of the year as well. Her Royal Albert Hall DVD/CD are awesome as well. I'm going to add Mistress of Rome to my TBR. Have a safe New Year's Eve and I hope your 2012 is full of awesome.

~ Monique

DisneyMom said...

Hello! I'm a new GFC follower!

I'm visiting you from and!

*We're seeking book tour hosts at Ever After PR! Stop by and say hi!

Carole Rae said...

Joanne, you should! I think you would really enjoy it! Happy New Year!

AsianCocoa, ^.^ Who honestly hates Adele? She's fantastic! Well...I know one person who does. lol I think you'll enjoy Mistres of Rome. And thanks! I hope your New Years rocks!

DisneyMom, hi! Thanks for joining! I'll defiantly stop on by and say hola.

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