Monday, December 26

Movie of the Week Announcement (Finally)

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been a lazy kid (again). Well, I was a lazy kid with a cause, because I had bought Anee the next movie I was planning on watching and reviewing. I didn't want to announce it, because I was afraid she would find out her gift and I would take it back and get her something else. Better safe then sorry I always say! We were suppose to go see this film in theaters, but the time couldn't be found, so we just decided to wait for it to come on DVD. Wondering what the movie is? It's....Gnomeo and Juliet! *squeals*

Here's a trailer:

I'm really excited to watch this one. =) Have any of you seen this? Did you like it? You can spoil the ending if you like. ^.^



Blodeuedd said...

I saw it, and yes it was cute and silly, what else :)

bailey said...

hey im your new follower! i enjoyed reading your post, and i hope you can follow me back at

Carole Rae said...

Blodeudd, yayy! I'm really excited about this film.

Bailey, hi! Thanks for becoming my minion...I mean follower! I'll stop on by.