Tuesday, December 6

Music Monday & Movie of the Week Announcement

Happy Monday everyone! Finals week has official began! Yayy (not)! So what are your plans for the week? Sorry for the late posting (again). I keep forgetting to set up the automatic posting thing. *sighs*

ANYWAYS, as I predicted, this is going to be a 2-in-1 video! Not only will I show off my videos of the week, but I'll be announcing the next Movie of the Week. Huzzah!

Before I announce the movie...I want to explain WHY I picked it. I've been wanting to check out this film since I first heard the rumors that this was being filmed. Once the movie was released all hell broke loose. It is hard to find one person you liked this movie (I secretly think some of those negative Nancys secretly adored it, but don't want to say anything). The huge "hatred" towards this film sparked my interest even more. I finally got the motivation to watch it for myself...

You MUST be dying to know what movie I'm rambling on about...well...that movie is non-other than the infamous.....Dragonball Evolution! Here's a trailer:

Next, is one of my personal favorites 'Sound of Pulling Heaven Down' by the wonderful Blue October. For some reason this song liked to pop on while I was reading The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots. My MP3 player is set on random, so...maybe the two have a connection. Not sure, but I love this song, so enjoy:

You may or may not know I simply adore this new group, AZIATIX. All I can say is that...Nicky Lee (or Eddie or Jay) you can be my number #1. Hahaha. This is 'Be With You'. I pretty much sang this over and over at work today. I think Elyse was going to kick me...huh. Oh well:

In honor of Dragonball Evolution, here's my favorite out of MsDBZbabe's funny videos. Enjoy!

I hoped you all enjoyed my music selections for the week. ^.^



Blodeuedd said...

Wohoo Dragonball! Yes I watched it, sure it was not that good, but whooh DBZ

Carole Rae said...

hahahaha, I'm not expecting an Oscar film, BUT I hope I kinda like it. ^.^ I wove me my DBZ.