Tuesday, July 5

The American Justice System Fails...Again.

Today at 2:15 pm the verdict for the murder of little Caylee Anthony was announced...her mother, Casey, was charged with 1st Degree Murder, Aggravated Murder of a Child, Child Abuse, and 4 counts of lying to the police. Casey was found NOT guilty for the first three. However, she was found GUILTY in all 4 counts of lying. 

My parents (mostly Mom) and I have been following this case since Caylee was put on Amber Alert. My mom raced home from being out-and-about to watch the verdict with me. It felt like a repeat of OJ Simpson's trial (even though I wasn't alive then), but each second felt like an eon. My heart stopped when I heard the 'NOT GUILTY' verdict. My trust in our Justice System has been shattered.  Another Child Killer gets away with murder.

Like I said on Amy's Facebook status " Michigan would've called her guilty, we have a strong hatred for child killers due to the Berkley Child Killer years back. I won't ever be moving there [Orlando, Florida]." 

It's a terrible day for America....it's a terrible day for the state of Florida. To learn more of the case click here or here.

RIP Little Caylee, maybe someday justice will be served. =(



Lizzie said...

I think she did it too either by her own stupid negligence or by doing it herself. I think she is sick and has some serious problems. I too am very disappointed she did not have to face any consequences for her actions. I wonder though if they just legally could not get it to stick and I have heard of this happening before but I wonder if her sentencing on what she did get nailed for will be extreme like 30 years or something. I have heard of judges doing that before. This story breaks my heart she would have been as old as my daughter. Sweet baby I wish I could have swooped her up and saved her from the one person she was suppose to be safe with.

Carole Rae said...

I do believe she had some help...she's not smart enough to do it alone. I agree with that, but I also think that they wanted to end it and go home. It breaks my heart too, I just can't imagine doing that to you're child. Or too any child. My cousin's son is about the same age...he's a light in my life. I just can't imagine it. I have that same wish. I wish I could've saved her from that woman...

Anonymous said...

What part of Murder does the Jury not Understand?? If it was one of their children would they be so kind??? The jury needs to be put on trial for stupidity.. I know people who are out to make things right.. P