Monday, July 25

Music Monday!!

Hello Monday. The picture above was sent to me by a friend many eons ago when I had bangs and nearly black hair they said I looked like this chica. Haha It's cute though, so I decided to use it as today's picture. Do you like it?

Happy Monday everyone. I have a feeling that this week is going to be a little on the crappy side, I don't know why, but I just have a feeling. I hope I'm wrong. Well. Let's begin with the music, shall we? ^.^

This first one is another remake by Boyce Avenue (I'm beginning to reaaaaaaaally like these guys). This remake is from Adele's song Rolling in the Deep.

The next song is Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy. Even though I just started 'Princess of the Midnight Ball' by Jessica Day George yesterday, I've gotten pretty far. I can hardly put this book down. Well, this song continues to play in my head when reading or thinking about that book. If you read 'Princess of the Midnight Ball' you would probably understand WHY this song endlessly plays in my head. 

This song has officially become my favorite song at the moment. =) I'm so glad my friend sent the link to this song, because I'm absolutely in love with it! The song is a remake of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry from Boyce Avenue. I already shared the original video, so I searched around for a video featuring this song and here's what I found. It's a video made by xAllAboutHistoryx. It's a collage of some wonder historical movies/shows and the couples in them. It's unique. I'll post a list of the movies after the video:

The Sissi movies (Haven't Seen it)
Titanic (Love it)
North and South (Never seen it, but heard it's really good)
David Starkey Documentary about the Regents of England (Never seen it)
Kingdom of Heaven (Seen it, but it's been a while)
The Tudors:Katherine and Thomas (Love this show)
Jefferson in Paris (Never heard of it)
The Vampire Diaries (Haven't seen it)
Lord of the Rings (LOVE it, of course)
The Other Boleyn Girl (Ugh)
Elizabeth (:D Love this movie)
The Tudors: Henry and Anne (One of my favorites)
The Notebook (Amazing movie and book)
Merlin 1998 (Haven't seen it yet)
Cleopatra 1999 (Seen bits and pieces
The Tudors:George and Mark Smeaton (Hate it...just kidding, of course I love this show)
The Vampire Diaries: Katherine/Stefan (I want to see it)
Marie Antoinette (Classic.)
The Tudors: Mary Tudor and Phillip (^.^)
Legend of the Seeker (Nope, haven't seen it)
The Return of the Mummy: Imhotep and Anck Su Namun (Great movie!) 
Pride and Prejudice (fantastic movie and book)
The Young Victoria (seen bits and pieces on TV)
The Great Queen Seon Deokpart (Wants to see)
Rome (Haven't seen)
Frida (Never seen)

And here's a funny video about how Lord of the Rings should have ended created by HISHEdotcom:

I hope you enjoyed this week's selections!



Blodeuedd said...

You must see North and South! It is pure heaven and I adore Armitage :D

Oh and I love the Sissi movies too. Watched them a bunch of times when i was little

Carole Rae said...

lol okay. I'll have to defiantly check them out. ^.^