Saturday, July 30

Randomness Makes the World Go Round

I'm bored today, so I decided to be random and post a post that's filled with...well...randomness. ^.^ Like the title says "randomness makes the World Go Round". You can debate me all you want science people, but I will always think that RANDOMNESS makes the world go round and round. So Ha!

First I would like to post a little list of things that happened in History today (because I'm a history nerd).

July 30th 0579  Benedict I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
July 30th 0657  St Vitalian begins his reign as Catholic Pope succeeding Eugene I
July 30th 1178  Frederick I (Barbarossa), Holy Roman Emperor, crowned King of Burgundy
July 30th 1419  Anti-Catholic Hussites, followers of executed reformer Jan Hus, stormtown hall in Prague & throw Catholic councillors out the windows
July 30th 1537  Resistant of Bomy: French/Dutch cease fire
July 30th 1601  Spanish garrison of Rhine birch surrenders to Earl Mauritius
July 30th 1618  Prince Maurits' troops pull into Utrecht
July 30th 1619  House of Burgesses Virginia forms, 1st elective US governing body
July 30th 1626  Earthquake hits Naples; 10,000 die
July 30th 1646  English parliament sets king Charles I Newcastle Propositions

(This list was from the lovely site

Here's a video by the always funny Wong Fu Production teams called 'Hot Lava'. You can check out their cute website store, Wong Fu Store.

Here's an anime version of me, Sarah, and Anee that a friend made for me. I think I would be a cute anime character! Don't you think so? =) I use to be able to draw anime when I was a youngster. Maybe I should get back into anime. Maybe someday I'll make my own anime series along with my future novel I want to write. So many little time. What dreams do you have?

Me with my orange headphones that I always seem to have on. Just add freckles and it's complete. ^.^ 

Anee being all sassy.

Well, she's a brunettes now, because I dyed her hair. It's like dark brown with blonde bangs. It's pretty awesome.

Here's a picture of me and her with her new hair:

~I'm planning on getting a new haircut soon, but I can't decide what I want...any ideas?
~What dreams would you kill to live out?
~Any good book series I should check (any genre)?
~Should my blog have it's own Twitter and/or Facebook account?
~How's your summer so far?
~If you could live anywhere in the world (or outerspace) where would you live?
~What's your favorite song of the moment?
~Was this post random?

Ahh, I got all that randomness off my chest. I hope you enjoyed today's random post! Tune in next time when I have a random attack. :3



Blodeuedd said...

I love those pics :D I totally want one too

~No idea about hair...nope sorry!
~Getting a book published :D
~Sure. FB and twitter


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