Monday, December 26

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Sweet Rogue of Mine

The Survivors, Book 9

By: Shana Galen

Narrated by: Victoria Aston

Series: Survivors , Book 9

Length: 9 hrs

Release date: 12-20-22

Historical romance / to review

This was grumpy meets sunshine. Pru was fun and Nash was filled with despair. Ok that sounds sad, but he came back from the war having lost his sight. He was a sharp shooter, and now he just feels lost and useless. He drinks too much and has turned his back on everyone. Pru has been left with the village priest since her parents are missionaries.

They meet in an amusing way. She can't stop thinking about him. People warn him, but she does not listen.

He can´t stop thinking either, but he knows his ptsd might him do things so he wants nothing to do with her.

There is the danger of what his family wants to do with him. All while they fall in love.

They truly belonged together. But they have some drama to get over first.

Great narration. I have listened to a lot of these now. It is a fun series

When a stray pistol ball from the battlefield took Nash’s sight, it also took his entire identity. He’s retreated to his father’s county home to lick his wounds, but his drinking and isolation have only made things worse. When Nash’s father, a powerful earl, threatens to send Nash to an asylum, his former brothers-in-arms call in one of their own to set Nash back on the right course. Nash fears he’s fallen too far and perhaps ending it all is the best solution. Until he encounters a woman in the garden signing a bawdy tune at the top of her lungs.

Prudence Howard has traveled the world with her missionary parents. But after the scandal she caused in Cairo, they’ve foisted her on a vicar in the small town of Milcroft and sailed to the Far East to evangelize without her. Pru doesn’t mean to cause trouble; it’s just that being good is so very hard. When she meets Nash Pope, she’s instantly intrigued. He might be hot-tempered, but he’s handsome and unusual and arouses her interest and passion like no one she’s ever met. He might not know he needs or even wants her help, but Pru has a plan to save him.

Nash is bewildered by the unconventional woman who keeps turning up on his doorstep. She tries to teach him night writing, claims a feral peacock is a momentous sign, and makes his toes curl when she kisses him. She refuses to give up on him. But though Nash finds it easy to believe in Pru, can he ever trust himself again? 


Carole Rae said...

I love that cover and title!!

Blodeuedd said...

I like her books, you know where you have them