Thursday, December 15

Audiobook Review: Whisked Away at Christmas by Mahi Cheshire

Author: Mahi Cheshire
Narrator: Ritu Arya & Jeremy Irvine
Title: Whisked Away at Christmas
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
Format: Audiobook
Published: November 24, 2022
Where I got It: Audible

A Delicious Christmas Romance

Love. Success. Baking. Some things are all about timing.

Set against a backdrop of glamorous balls and designer fashion in beautiful, fairy-tale-like Vienna, the Golden Whisk competition promises everything for Gina Rajasinghe: it’s her big break, a chance to prove herself and win international recognition in the culinary world. The opulent concert halls and charming Christmas markets are a far cry from her humble café in Hackney, where she’s been working hard to perfect her baking skills. If only she could relax and enjoy herself, instead of worrying about her application, and the one or two tiny lies on there. Such as the professional training she never had.

And then there’s Nick Barradine to worry about, fellow competitor and media darling who seems to have it all: money, success, and his own patisserie cafés that have been heralded on both sides of the Atlantic. Oh, and he used to work with Gina. In fact, they used to be close: Nick helped train Gina at his family’s prestigious Barradine’s café back in London, until she disappeared three years ago without an explanation.

It seems they must learn how to work together again, but more than sparks fly when Nick confronts Gina about their shared past. And now there’s a video of the two of them on social media...

Whisked Away at Christmas is the perfect festive romance for listeners with a sweet tooth.

Randomly found this one on Audible while looking for something else. Works!

Here we follow Gina and Nick. This baking competition is the big break Gina needs. This is the chance to prove herself and win international recognition in the culinary world. She never had professional training, but what is a little lie or two? Nick is already successful but only because of his father's name. This is his chance to prove to himself and the world that he can win on his own talent. Little do any of them know that the other is joining the competition. They have...well...a past. Gina worked at his family's café in London. He thought they were at least friends but she vanished without explanation. 

This was a lot of fun. I loved both Gina and Nick. They have different reasons for wanting to prove themselves. She is a no-name-no-education gal. He had the education, but is just riding on daddy's coattails? I also loved that they did have a past. Nothing really romantic happened....they both wanted to take that step, but she had to go. When we find out the REAL reason she had to bail without a broke my heart. Poor thing. I'm glad Nick believed her and was equally PO'ed. 

I was slightly annoyed at how long it took for them to put it all out on the table. If he truly believed his uncle's story...why would he wait SO long to confront her??? I felt like that convo should've happened a little sooner.

The baddie was pretty obvious but it didn't bug me. Sometimes baddies are easy to spot. 

I wanted to kick Nick's friend/assistant/manager in the butt. How could he be so blind to what Nick wanted and why he was doing what he was doing??

The contest was fun. I loved the sounds of all the yummy food. Made me hungry!

The narrators did well. They fit perfectly for their main characters and the side characters. The accents were done well. His voice for her and her voice for him...okay-ish.  

In the end, my only real issue was how long it took Nick to confront her. I feel like it should've been WAY sooner. Besides that and some of the narration...I enjoyed this. This was perfect for the holidays. Food, love, and a heated competition? Yes, please! 3 stars from me. 

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Melliane said...

Sometimes it drags a bit too much

Blodeuedd said...

I need to find some xmas books too

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, Agreed. Took too long and logically I feel like real people wouldn't wait to confront.

B, yesss! The more the better ;)

Jen Twimom said...

Nice find - you and Audible Christmas is like Netflix Christmas!

Carole Rae said...

Jen, awwwww! I do certainly dig and dig over in Audible.