Monday, August 1

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: For Butter or Worse by Erin La Rosa

Narrated by: Mela Lee

Length: 10 hrs and 20 mins

Release date: 07-26-22

Publisher: Harlequin Audio

Contemporary romance /to review

Enemies to lovers. They are hosts for a popular cooking show and sparks fly, but all the wrong sparks.  Leo gets all the love, Nina gets all the distaste as she is the tough one.

There was some real drama and trauma in this one. Leo has issues when he feels the whole world rest on his shoulders. Nina has issues because of internet hate and trolls, and Leo does not make it better. He does make a real asshat move.

To save their images they fake date, pr stunt. And he learns she is more than the fancy chef, and she learns he is more than the pretty face. But those underlying issues does come bubbling up and threaten to destroy everything.

I liked it, it was funny, cute, and it did have a real impact in showing how their psychological scars can be overwhelming.

I think this was my first time listening to this narrator, but I enjoyed her voice and I felt she did the characters justice.

Chef Nina Lyon dreams of cooking her way to culinary stardom and becoming a household name. She thought hosting The Next Cooking Champ! was her golden ticket, but she and her cohost/arch-nemesis, Leo O'Donnell, go together like water and oil, and he undercuts her at every turn.

So when Nina unexpectedly quits the show - on live TV, no less - to focus on her restaurant, she doesn't anticipate the he-devil himself showing up at her door begging her to come back. Nor does she expect the paparazzi to catch them in what looks like a passionate kiss, but is actually Leo tripping into her. When the fans go crazy over Nina and Leo's "secret romance", keeping the ruse going might be the only way to save both their careers. That is, if they don't kill each other first....


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omg that title is adorable!

Sophia Rose said...

You have me interested in this one. Thanks for the intro!

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Hehe, I know right

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