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2-in-1 Short Story Reviews: Tree Love & Sweet Christmas

Cassandra O'Leary
Title: Tree Love
Genre: Short story, Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook
Pages: 32
Published: February 13, 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

If your first love fell out of a tree. . . would you catch him?

Natalia Bianchi is a botanical artist, who finds herself accidentally working for the city's Parks Department in admin and also accidentally engaged to her boss. It's not what she had planned.

One day she checks on 'her' tree in the botanical gardens, and her first love, Dan "The Man" Mancini falls at her feet. Literally. Almost like it was meant to be. But that's what she thought ten years ago when they were friends at university.

Should Natalia shake up her entire safe, convenient life to climb Dan like a tree? Could this be her second chance at love that could last forever?

Gotta love Amazon freebies. 

Here we follow Natalia who is a botanical artist. She finds herself working for the city's Parks Department in admin and engaged to her boss. Not the job she wanted and not really the man she saw herself with. One day she checks on her tree and her first love, Dan, falls at her feet. Literally. Should Natalia follow her heart and take a risk on Dan?

Gotta love second chance stories done right. This was done right. I loved seeing Dan and Natalia find love all over again. 

The scene with Natalia telling her fiancé was cringy...mainly because it was too simple and easily resolved. 

I enjoyed this one even with the meh scene with Natalia and her old beau. This was super cute and a perfect short story for poolside reading. 4 stars.

Author: Reina M. Williams
Title: Sweet Christmas
Series: Montana Matchmakers
Genre: Short story, Contemporary Romance, Xmas
Format: ebook
Pages: 64
Published: December 5, 2019
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

All Dean Manning wants for Christmas is a second chance with his first love...

For Maya Perry, Christmas Eve in Loving, Montana is just another lonely closing at the café where she works. Worse, her truck won’t start, and the only person there to help is Dean Manning, her childhood friend, and first kiss at thirteen. They’re both back in town forging new lives, but Maya has no time to rekindle a relationship. She has big plans to open her own bakery, and Dean’s adorable smile is already too much of a distraction.

Dean’s Christmas improves when he gets to spend it with Maya, but she doesn’t seem to feel the same. He wants her in his life, but not if she doesn’t want romance. Santa delivers Maya and Dean a chance at a sweet Christmas, if they can see the gifts right in front of them.

Spend Christmas in Loving, Montana, where the Matchmakers are always at work!

Another second chance short story! Plus some Xmas joy. Awwww I love Xmas. 

All Dean wants for Christmas is a second chance with his first love and he might get that chance when Maya is back in town. They are both in town forging new lives. Maya wants to open her own bakery and doesn't have time for Dean. 

Awww this was as sweet as sugar cookies. I thought about saving this for Xmas time, but I couldn't resist getting a taste of Xmas. 

I do think that this needed to be longer. I felt like they had some more issues to deal with.

But yes, a very nice Xmas second chance romance. 3 stars. 


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