Tuesday, June 2

Time for TV Tuesday: A Parks and Recreation Special (2020)

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"The story comes from the events of the day-Pawnee's most dedicated civil servant, Leslie Knope, is determined to stay connected to her friends in a time of social distancing." - IMDb

I have loved this show for a long time, so when I heard they were doing one episode to help raise money for a charity during these Quarantine-times, I couldn't resist giving this a watch. At first, I wasn't going to review it...it's one episode! Did I want to mark this in the movie category? Nooo too short. Sighs. I decided to treat this as it's own "season" if you will. 

Okay - so the story follows our beloved characters who are determined to stay connected with her friends in the modern problem of social distancing. If you know Leslie...it is probably literally killing her being forced to stay at home. She loves her friends and family SO much. 

It was lovely to see our characters again. We got to see glimpses of all our favorites. It was nice since a lot of them especially those who only appeared a couple of times in the final season. There were a couple of characters I was bummed we didn't see. Boo!

I enjoyed this. It was cute and it did its job. However.................and I am going to sound crappy.....................the writing seemed thrown together last second and the actors seemed like they did one take. It felt super cheesy...awkwardly cheesy. Yes, I had laughs and I enjoyed seeing them again. But...sighs...it felt thrown together. In their defense, they probably had only X amount of time to write something up, get everyone together, and film via social distancing. THAT SOUNDS HARD AF! So I will give some wiggle room there in my final rating. 

I do wish maybe this was longer or more episodes...maybe it would've helped with the writing? 

OooOOOooo that ending was good. I cheered and even got a little tear in my eye!!! 

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Overall, though. I did have a fun time with this. It was nice to see everyone again. A few laughs and it was a nice reminder that we are not alone during this social distancing. If you liked the original show, I think you'd like this. I'll give this 3 stars.