Sunday, June 21

Book Review: Honeymoon Alone by Nicole Macaulay

Honeymoon Alone
Author: Nicole Macaulay 
Title: Honeymoon Alone
Genre: Romance, Contemporary set, Chick Lit
Format: ebook
Pages: 312
Published: December 3rd 2019 
Where I Got It: My shelf (Netgalley) 

Just how reliable are psychics - specifically psychics hired by your sister for wedding entertainment?

When irrepressibly romantic Lucy Gray is ditched at said wedding by her date in front of her whole family, the promises of a psychic seem better than her pity-riddled reality. The psychic's advice seems insightful: stop ignoring fate's signs - fate will lead you to love. But when "fate" leads Lucy to London, she finds herself tangled in a web of lies. In a story about finding independence and taking chances, Lucy learns that leaving everything up to fate can be dangerous - and jeopardize her chances at happily ever after

Sooo this was an explosion of genres! Chick lit with some romance with some comedy and some action near the end there! I am glad I read this. 

The story follows boring ol' Lucy Gray. She is ditched at her sister's wedding by her date in front of her whole family. A psychic at the wedding provides some solid advice to allow fate to lead her to love. Take a chance! A chance appears like a miracle for Lucy to go to London during Christmas time. Maybe the psychic is right as she finds herself on a vacation that gives her the independence she deserves, but there is some danger, too, that can ruin everything.  

Awww Lucy. She has a huge and overprotective family. I can see why she took that leap of faith and got on the plane. I would've. I want to! Someday Carole...someday. *grumbles about still needing to get a passport*. 

This was a fun book. I even had BF curious when I would provide updates. Lots of drama especially near the end. I had zero ideas about what was going to happen...especially with the big ol' twist! RUN LUCY RUN!

I hattteeeddd Oliver. Ugh. Surrrreeee after a certain scene I did understand him and...I liked-ish him then, but still. Bleh. 

I was meh about Cary too.

There were huge lulls especially in the middle when Lucy was just exploring London and Paris. It was nice to just see the city through her eyes since I've never been. However, I do feel like some of the lull could've been cut a hair. 

THAT ENDING. Holy cannoli batman. That was good. Again...I didn't see THAT happening. I had a bunch of theories, but nope...nope. 

Overall, I did really like this. I would love to see this become a movie or something. It was a lot of fun. Some lull and a couple of characters I was meh about, but I highly recommend this for those that love a good chick-lit. I'll give this 4 stars. 


Sophia Rose said...

Neat how her situation really grabbed you. I do love a woman's travel adventure.

Blodeuedd said...

I will come with ya!

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, Same here! Plus Lucy needed it for sure.

B, yess!!!! You must!

Jen Twimom said...

Oh wow! I'm not familiar with the book or author but it sounds like a lot of fun. I kind of wish it was a movie on Netflix!

Carole Rae said...

me too!