Wednesday, June 10

Audiobook Review - Wild Irish Grace by Tricia O'Malley

Wild Irish GraceAuthor: Tricia O'Malley 
Narrator: Amy Landon
Title: Wild Irish Grace
(Mystic Cove #7)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal
Format: Audiobook 
Pages: 227 
Published: July 17th 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

Summary: Is her enemy the love she’s been waiting for?

Grace O’Brien lives an unapologetic life – one where she uses magick and attitude alike to live exactly as she pleases. With talents far beyond what most can comprehend, Grace dances through life with verve and enthusiasm.

But it isn’t all magick and mirth. A secret haunts Grace through the darkest hours of the night. For in her heart lies the soul of a fierce pirate queen, one that has loved and weathered unequivocal loss. Now, as she hopes once more for true love – a love that was promised to her – It seems that Grace might not always be able to get everything that she desires.

From the moment that Dylan Kelly sailed into Grace’s Cove, the town captured his heart. Pulled by an invincible need to move to the village, Dylan changes his entire life to finally focus on his passion project. When Dylan runs headfirst into the indomitable force that is Grace O’Brien, he battles both his attraction and his ethics in order to pursue the one thing that matters most to him – building his legacy.

As centuries blur and souls collide, Grace must come to terms with the fact that she can’t control everything – even her heart.

This is the final book in the series! OOOO MY POOR HEART! SOBS!

The story takes place many years in the future. Baby Grace is now all grown and has taken ownership of Fiona's store and home after Fiona passed. Everything seems perfect, except Grace keeps having dreams of her past life and past lover who was taken from her way too soon. Things get more complex when Dylan Kelly sails into town to build his legacy. Through some silly legal stuff, it turns out Grace's house and land are bought by Dylan Kelly. Even more complex...Dylan is the reincarnation of Grace's past lover. 

Poor Grace. LOL. She can't help but love this man even though he is trying to take away her property. What a complex situation to be in!

I wanted to SHAKE Dylan. IDIOT. Super, big, dumb-dumb. Lovable and sweet in his own way, but DUMB-DUMB 100%. Just tell her the truth about what you plan on doing to the land!!!!!! GAH. COMMUNICATION PEOPLE!

I enjoyed this overall even though I wanted to shake Dylan. It was cute and sweet. Grace is a fun character. I wish we could get more of her! 

Sighssss I am so sad this series is coming to an end. There are so many tales to still tell. Like Dylan's friend. HE NEEDS LOVE TOO! I adored him. So romantic. So sweet. He has a heart of gold. SOBS. I do not want to say goodbye!

The narrator was fantastic. I believe she read the other ones too (my mind is not all together...long weekend). She really is fantastic at the Irish accent!

Overall, I really enjoyed this. I am sad to say goodbye to everyone and this world of Irish magic. I highly recommend this series. It was a good one. The narration was fantastic. I'll give this 4 stars. 


- #24 for Audiobook Challenge


Melliane said...

Oh nice! A good one to try if so

Carole Rae said...

Yess a fun series

Blodeuedd said...

7 already! Wow, you sure enjoyed this series :D

Jen Twimom said...

So sad when a beloved series ends. Glad you enjoyed this last one!

Carole Rae said...

B, yess! 7! I think there was maybe one I gave a 3. The whole thing was fun.

Jen, I knowww! I am so sad!

Sophia Rose said...

Oh no... the end. Tough to say good bye to a favorite series, but I'm glad it ended on a high note for you.

Carole Rae said...

I am so sad it is over!