Tuesday, December 3

Time for TV Tuesday: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 1-7)

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OoooOOOOOoooo this show. I'm already rewatching it. So addictive. 

The show follows the Brooklyn 99. We have Jake Peralta who is immature but an amazing detective. We have the new commanding officer the serious and stern Captain Holt. Also there is the perfectionist Amy, the goofy Charles, the lovable Terry, the scary Rosa, the always rude Gina, and the epic duo known as Scully and Hitcock.  

The cast really make the show. They really play off each other well and I love all the characters. I honestly couldn't tell you my favorite character? Maybe Rosa? Maybe Jake? They are all funny! 

If you like Park and Rec then you will like this show. Even if you didn't like the show this has some similarities in characters and writing, but it for sure stands on its own. Such a fun show. 

As you can tell I love it. I think my only issue is that some things are impossible and cheesy. Like if all of these things happened to a detective in a few years they would lose their minds. But it does make for an entertaining show for sure. 

Overall, watch it if you like humor! Fun and funny all in one. 5 stars for me. I am already rewatching it again. Cannot wait for season 8 in Feb!


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