Tuesday, October 22

Time for TV Tuesday: Victoria (season 3)

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Been super duper anxious to watch season 3. This show has really captured my love. I can't help but adore Victoria. I honestly want to re-watch the other seasons as I wait for season 4. 

Now, season 3 takes place in the middle to late 1840's. Revolutions are spreading, there are countless strains on their relationship, new loves, betrayals, and so much more. 

I felt so bad for Victoria. Sure she is not innocent in the fights with Albert, but I feel like Albert was a huge asshat this season especially when it comes to Victoria's half-sister coming to stay. Way to completely ignore Victoria and her concerns. SMH. That half-sister...grrr...I woulda kicked her out. Sorry you got married off and shipped away. Not Victoria's fault you wench! No need to be blaming Victoria...she had NOTHING to do with it. I just can't see how blind Albert was. Grr!

I went back and forth on how I felt about Lord Palmerston. I get him...but I also disagree with him in a lot of things. I do find his marriage arrangements VERY progressive. When we got to learn more about him and his motives and relationship with his wife...I actually warmed up to him. 

OMG THAT ONE EPISODE!!! IT BROKE MY HEART! I was crying my little heart out. Ugly crying for sure. BF walked into the room and was all worried. I couldn't stop. It was so sad. BUT it really was necessary in the long run. Tragedy is the only way to make change. *sobs*

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*wipes tears away* Okay moving on. I can go on and on and on about that episode...that scene. UGH!!!! *keeps tears at bay*


There were points that I really worried for Vickie and Albert. If it was modern day they would've for SURE divorced. 100%. They were really nasty to each other. And it broke my heart. It does show that even true love can have issues. I'm glad they made the viewers worried. We needed to see it. 

Those poor kids of theirs. Albert is too tough especially with Bertie. Poor kid. I get Albert just wants Bertie to be smart and the best because someday the boy will be king. BUT at what cost? His happiness? 

Albert got better and like Vickie I never stopped loving him. Super man period. Boys have them too. 

The ending was good. Left on a cliffie especially if you have no idea about history. Heck...even I had to do a quick google search and even after then I am concerned. 

I NEED SEASON 4 SOON!!!! More please!

Overall, this was a really good season. Not at all flowers and rainbows and unicorns. We got to see some of the cruel world for our royals and our lower class characters. Not everything and everyone is black and white. The world is grey. I'll give this 5 stars. ALL THE FEELS!!!!!


Blodeuedd said...

I want to know why you CRIED!

Carole Rae said...


Sophia Rose said...

This series is one I see announced and the snippets, but still need to just sit down and watch. Apparently with a box of tissues for a few episodes. Glad you loved this latest season rough marital stuff and all, Carole!

Carole Rae said...

Yes! It is a must watch series! Make sure you have those tissues.