Thursday, October 17


This month's prompt is:  SHIVER

Happy October ya'll! This month's prompt is shiver. Oooo so many things one can do for this. 

For mine...I shall share my biggest fears that make me shiver!! There is no order to my list. ALL ARE SCARY! Be sure to share your fears in the comments!

- Spiders. Creepy little freaks. *shudders*

Image result for spiders

- Clowns. Ugh. Gross and scary

Image result for scary clowns

- Utter darkness. I need some sort of light

Image result for utter darkness

- Elevators. I will use them, but they still give me the shivers. 

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- Zombies. They freak me out. I'll watch stuff with them in it...but ugh. 

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- Being kidnapped. This thought terrifies me!

Image result for being kidnapped

- Dinosaurs (mainly the carnivores). I have nightmares ALL the time about these guys. Sure they are extinct but still....

Image result for trex

I think that is about it! And I do remember having a post about fears and phobias an eon ago...*does some digging*. Ah yes. A fun little post about the theories behind our fears and phobias. An intriguing read...but I could be biased ;) Click HERE


Blodeuedd said...

If I watch a zombie movie I will have nightmares. F they are scary.

Also bears

Carole Rae said...

Ooooo snakes are a good one!

Sophia Rose said...

I think those many-legged centipedes are the bug that freaks me out the worst and yes, to the elevator. I use them, but have all sorts of scared thoughts during the ride. Clowns are iffy, but kidnapping or assault are scary for sure.

Good idea for the post, Carole!

Carole Rae said...

Thank you Sophia! And yesss centipedes are grosssss