Tuesday, March 26

Time for TV Tuesday: Knightfall (season 1)

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This has been burning a hole on my TW list. Finally decided to check it out. 

The story follows Landry, his fellow Knight's Templar, and the French royalty. 

The first 7 episodes were awesome. I binged them. Things happened and kept me from moving forward. Darn life! But weeks went by and I didn't have the heart to go back. 

Finally attempted to go back and I couldn't get through them. I walked away. Did chores. Fell asleep. By the time I realized what was happening...it was over. I just didn't care. Things got too insane and weird and I didn't care anymore. 

I am soooo bummed! The first few episodes were so fun and unique and I was addicted. But alas, the last couple had me bored and rolling my eyes. 

Honestly? I feel the writers tried too hard to make it dramatic and crazy. Meh. 

Overall, I am highly disappointed. Maybe someday I'll go back and try the other two episodes again? But at this point, I didn't pay attention and I didn't care much anymore. The storyline got too coocoo for me.  I'll give this 2 stars. Mainly for the first few episodes and how amazing they were!


Melliane said...

Oh I didn't know about this one

Carole Rae said...

It was under the radar

Blodeuedd said...

How I felt about Frontier 😔 i want ro go back but dont

Carole Rae said...


Sophia Rose said...

I've had a curiosity about this series, too. I should have known when my brother wasn't texting me to get on this. He loves this stuff and he wasn't raving.
At least the first few were fabulous.

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, yess I am bummed by the ending there.