Tuesday, March 12

Tell Me Something Tuesday: To Tour or Not to Tour

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To Tour or Not to Tour? Do you participate in book tours? Why or why not?

I do really enjoy being part of tours. They are a fun way to connect and learn more about a book and authors. I find them even more fun when it is a good book that is totally overlooked or new. The only issue is when the book is…well…not that good. I try to be very selective when joining a tour so I can avoid the awkward email to the publisher or organizer. I don’t want to be that reviewer who hated the book. Ekkk that is a nightmare for me. 

If I am iffy about the book or I know I do not have time, I’ll still try and join and just post an excerpt or interview or something. I love independent books and I love to give them some time to shine! It keeps the industry alive. 

So yes, I love to join tours, but I can be picky. 

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Simple, but I love this little guy! :3


Sophia Rose said...

Same here. That awkward moment when you have to say that you'd rather not post your review with the blog tour post b/c its less than flattering...
We don't seem to be asked by indies to be part of blog tours. We read them and promote them, but I can't remember the last time one wanted us to be part of a tour.
Oh well, we've been doing less tour posts and trying to get caught up on our book piles so I guess that's alright. :)

Blodeuedd said...

I ave noticed that you like them ;) And it is a good way to spread some love too. And some get to be on my blog too hehe

Carole said...

As you know I don't review new books - and to be honest I don't really understand how the book tour thing works. I only review books I thought were really good and not ones I didn't like as much. Cheers from carole's chatter

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, agreed. As the years go I've been getting less and less independent. But I do love helping them, especially if the book is good or decent.

B, hehehe spread the love!

Carol, I am super picky. If it is something I'm unsure of or don't get that "excited" feeling I skip it.