Monday, March 11

Blodeuedd's Monday Review: Wild Country by Anne Bishop

Narrated by: Alexandra Harris
Series: The World of the Others, Book 2
Length: 17 hrs and 57 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 03-05-19
Publisher: Penguin Audio
UF Own

My Thoughts:
I should have written this review at once, but I was so freaking high on this book!

I did like the previous series, the books got better and better. They went from good to great. But this new series was great at once. And at the same time that I do feel that I want more from the stories, but they are just one book stories. Though they do work great that way too, the pack that punch because they have to.

In this one the town of Bennett is to be resettled. The Elders killed everyone in that town...everyone. Good and bad, they all were killed. And honestly, I hate humans so die humans! Humans can never be trusted.

Even with a human POV this is still an Others books. They rule this town, they protect this town.

Jana is a female cop who comes to work for the sheriff. I did like her, but, human law sucks. They know there are bad guys, but they wait until they do something bad. And the bad is always too bad.

Then there is Virgil, who broke me. He is a survivor after the Humans First Movement killed wolves all over the continent. And he and his brother is all that is left from his pack. Then I learn more and break. I adored Virgil. Virgil and the pup! *sobs*

Then there is Tolya, the Sanguinati, who governs the town. I do like them, they are so Other.

There are smaller povs too, they bring this town to life and make you care. All while that showdown is coming and scaring me.

This new spin-off is darker, and that is perhaps why I like it more. I like the edge. I like how The Elders are just outside the town, waiting to eat them all. And they really should eat them all. At one point I was screaming EAT THEM!!!!! Well the baddies after all. I kept listening and listening, I cold not stop.

At the end, well dang it, I am going to give it a 5! I loved this book. I loved the darkness. I loved how it made me care and despair. It's a bloody good book!

Alexandra Harris is wonderful and makes this book. I am sure it would be a good book reading it, but I also know that for me her narration takes it from good to freaking amazing. I like how she does The others. Giving them their personalities and really bring them forward. And how the humans are so human and the Others so Other.

She brings the emotions and it makes you feel so much. Her tone is perfect. Bringing darkness and hope.

This is a series you must listen to, and then I truly mean listen.


Melliane said...

yes! I loved this book a lot too!

Blodeuedd said...

All the feels!

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Sophia Rose said...

I need to hurry up so I get from the good to the great books in the series. You've got me convinced. :)