Sunday, March 3

Audiobook Review: Kindred by SJ West

Kindred (The Watcher Chronicles, #2)
Author: S.J. West
Narrator: Brittany Pressley
Title: Kindred
(The Watcher Chronicles #2)
Genre: PNR, Fantasy, Fiction
Pages: Audiobook
Published: February 1st 2013
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

 Jess finally learns where her father has been since the Tear first opened. While Mason tries to keep his distance from her, Jess continues to search for the other vessels with Chandler by her side.

Yayy book 2! I had to continue the story. The last one left me intrigued. 

So, we jump right where we left off. A big twist which means answers but more questions arise. Of course, as it would. Mason is being a noble idiot thinking that being away from Jess is the smartest thing. Sighs. Men. Time is running out and they need to find the other vessels in order to stop the devilish plans. 

Bleh. Not feeling that cover. She looks like Jess, but she would never wear that. Sighs. 

I totally did not expect the big reveal. It all makes sense though and it was a goodie. 

Mason is a big dummy. Do you really think staying apart is the best thing? Isn't that what the enemies would want? Separate the two of you so they can kill you? Sighs. Noble moron. I do like him, don't get me wrong, but my goodness. So overplayed. "Leave the girl alone to protect her". WHA? WHAT LOGIC IS THAT!?  


I like Chandler even though he did a dummy move and had a moment of stupidness (see? Men ;D).

Love Jess. Poor girl had a rough time. 

Let's hard to write this review since there are a million spoilers....mmm

There was a moment when I did cry. Yes! This made me feel. I was so SHOCKED! Noooo!!! *sobs* Ugh. WHY!? 

The ending was good. A smidge of a cliff-hanger, but not as bad as the last one. Yayy for that. I am itching to get my hands on the next book. Maybe I should try print/ebook this time?

I am annoyed at how little happened until near the end. I feel like this was a character building story. Showing us more with Jess and Mason and getting some answers from the previous book. It felt like a transition story more-so. Not a crazy amount of action going on. So it was a little slow at parts.

Grrrr. I am angry with a certain character that I will NOT name since it is a spoiler. I get WHY, but c'mon. Not cool at all! I would be sad and all, but I would be SO mad if I was Jess. Grrrr. But it was another shocker that I didn't see coming. Good job author ;). 

The narrator was the same as the last one. I adore her. I want to listen to more by her. She really knows how to show you the story. 

In the end, not as amazing as the first. But still really good. It felt like a transition book, to be honest. Lots of character building and question answering. Sure, there are a lot more questions, BUT there were some huge ones answered, so yay there. I am curious to see what happens next in book 3. I'll stamp this with 3


Blodeuedd said...

You are really liking that romance package. Look at you, all audio loving

Melliane said...

sequels are somtimes a bit complicated

Anachronist said...

Sequels are sometimes just fillers and it sounds like one but if you enjoyed it go for the third part and then we'll see (and you too).

Carole Rae said...

B, hehehe I am in love

Melliane, yesss they can be

Ana, we shall see. I have hope!