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Saturday Movie Night: The Kissing Booth (2018)

Hello everyone! This month Blodeuedd and I are reviewing, The Kissing Booth. 

Blodeuedd is in red and I am in green.

Title: The Kissing Booth
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Running Time: 1h 45min 
Rating: TV - 14
Released: 2018

A high school student is forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth.



*waves* I am happy with our choice!

You are? We are talking about the movie right?

Yess, the Kissing Booth?

But it was so meh, and that girl was an idiot.

I didn’t think it was bad. Not amazing, but I think there is a lot to talk about. It was no “To All the Boys”. I did want to smack her though.

Ok yes it was not that bad. I could enjoy it, but that girl was so stupid. Yes yes, Noah was too overprotective at times, but at other times. OMG girl, do you KNOW what could have happened?!?!

I guess you can’t control who you love, but honestly...I feel like if she had been upfront with Lee earlier the vast majority of this drama could’ve been avoided. Hiding it for SOOOOO long was dumb. And Noah was a player. No matter how much I liked him I would have ignored him. He was a jerk.

Yes the whole we made this pact when we were 6 was stupid. Just tell your BFF that you like his brother and try it out. The drama was so over the top. And yes again, Noah might have been all hunky to all the girls, but she should have known better and stayed away.

Coming from someone who IS dating one of my best friend’s is better to just be honest. And yes, the drama was SO melodramatic. This whole film was cheesy, but a fun cheesy minus the drama. I laughed a lot.

I really hate the don’t date my friend thing. SO many romance novels have it. And this is 30 year olds who is all do not go there. Ok so here they are younger, sure, but who cares. Let her date the brother. It did not even feel like Lee was, yes why was he mad? Cos she broke the pact? It really felt like that was the only reason. It was so melodramatic as you said. But yes it would be awkward when they break up. But that is life!.

I get being 6 and saying, “Ya no...don’t date family.” makes sense then, but as nearly adults? Get over it. If I kept to every pact I made at 6 I would get nowhere in life. And as my friend said, “I would rather have my brother date a friend bc I would get to see you more at every holiday!” I think Lee was more butthurt over the fact his popular, cool brother got something that was solely his. I think Lee was selfish. Elle belongs to no one but herself. Plus LEE you have a want Elle to die alone?????? So rude.

You are right there. It did feel like do not date my bestie! She is the only thing I have!  You have a GF. Poor Elle, but I also felt like Elle should not have hid it. It made it so much worse, will they never learn!

Nooppppee. Now if it was a one or two time kiss. Sure. But they hid a whole relationship from EVERYONE. So many lies. Now...what did you think of the ending? I liked it up to the airport and her getting on the bike….okay….so what? No conclusion? Is there a sequel? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! That was my biggest fault with the movie.

I really did not like the end. It felt depressing. And no conclusion. It felt like ok they will never see each other again. At least I took it like that.

Same here…. Like college is just college….don’t be so dramatic. Plus...he will come home. Calm down.

Oh he is not turning. He does NOT LOVE ME:

She told him not to turn! Ugh she drives me bananas

Cheesy fun, but it tried too hard, and please let us discuss what an idiot she is. Like when she gets drunk as a skunk and he saves her. Or when she does a striptease in a looker room and gets angry cos he says no… god!

I knooooow I wanted to smack her. If she acted like that in real life no one would applaud her she would be shamed.

We know HS is a shitty place, and no one slut shamed her for that striptease? God, that school is awesome!

RIGHT! There was no shame whatsoever for anything she did. And why would you go out in that skirt???? Put a normal pair of pants or leggings on and go out. Deal with the issues then. OR call off. Sorry - no excuse for looking like a skank and then getting mad at people teasing you.

So there is short and there is showing your ass. ALso those omg girls wore whatever they wanted,I am sure she had other things. I did not understand that dress code

Neither did I. I’m sure she could’ve skated by one day. I feel like she wanted the attention.

That shirt, *shakes head* I would have been mortified.

I would’ve called off if I didn’t have any extra pants or skirts. Sorry, I am not pinning that target on me. What did she think was going to happen especially when the wind blew???!!! And can I say..she is pretty and all that, but why was EVERY SINGLE GUY IN LOVE WITH HER?????? Was it just for the fact she was forbidden fruit??? I didn’t get it.

I wish someone had told her her ass was hanging out, but then she should have seen it. Her DAD should have told her. And yes why was everyone in love with her?

I would never let my kid leave the house with that skirt. I think it was the forbidden fruit thing. Noah told everyone to stay away from his friend. I think he was in love with her from the start.

I wish that had been clearer since he was all you are like a sister. But yes let us believe that and be happy. I hope the next cute movie netflix has on is more To all the boys

Yessss, that is the only theory I have. I want the sequel to the other movie. I still need to read book 2 though

The thing is that they took things from book 2 and put it here, at least a few things.

Ahhh makes sense. Do you think they’ll have a sequel for this movie?

Oh no, not more drama. Like he goes to College and she is all is he cheating!? And then she sees instagram pics and loses it. SO she goes out to party and makes out with someone and he finds out, and well you see

I just want a for sure HEA. LOL that is all I want. I am glad they didn’t try a love triangle. My poor heart wouldn’t handle it. So overused.

I did wonder about the brother, but I am glad they did not go there

I was worried for a moment there, but then they brought in the GF for him so it worked. I think they did good to get Lee a girl so we wouldn’t be scared of a love triangle.

Yes and she was nice too :)
So your turn next? More cheesy stuff perhaps? :=D

I liked her. :)
Ummm, did I pick this one? I can’t remember…

I honestly do not know..wait, maybe you did say this one

Yess, I think I picked the movie and you picked the book.

Ack, then I have to pick something! I fear it will not be this good. Must investigate

I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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