Thursday, October 4

Book Review: To Die For by Sandra Byrd

Author: Sandra Byrd
Title: To Die For (Ladies in Waiting #1)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 332
Published: February 18th 2011
Where I Got It: My shelf (Giveaway)

Meg Wyatt has been Anne Boleyn's closest friend since they grew up together on neighboring manors in Kent. So when twenty-five-year-old Anne's star begins to ascend, of course she takes Meg along for the ride.

Life in the court of Henry VIII is thrilling... at first. Meg is made mistress of Anne's wardrobe, and she enjoys the spoils of this privileged orbit and uses her influence for good. She is young and beautiful and in favor; everyone at court assumes that being close to her is being close to Anne.

But favor is fickle and envy is often laced with venom. As Anne falls, so does Meg, and it becomes nearly impossible for her to discern ally from enemy. Suddenly life's unwelcome surprises rub against the court's sheen to reveal the tarnished brass of false affections and the bonafide gold of those that are true. Both Anne and Meg may lose everything. When your best friend is married to fearsome Henry VIII, you may soon find yourself not only friendless but headless as well.

This took forever for me to finally read. I had won it a while back. I just kept pushing this back and waiting. Finally decided I was in the mood for some Tudor. 

This follows Meg who is a close friend of the famous Anne B the second wife of Henry VIII. It was an interesting view to have. Meg is a completely loyal friend and loves Anne and Anne loves her. It was a fun change. Can you imagine your best friend doing this? What would you do? What would you say? He is the King and she loves him. I would support my best friend…but I would have a hard time swallowing this situation especially after how he treated his first wife. Cruel man. 

But yes, this was pretty good. I enjoyed seeing things unfold through a new set of eyes and especially Thomas Wyatt’s sister. 

The beginning was really good and then the ending felt very, very rushed. Things happened and then it was suddenly the end. I felt like it was a hair unbalanced. I wanted more in-depth during the trial and the sad times. I feel like Meg would’ve been suspect of aiding the queen in her “affairs” and had been more rigorously questions. Everyone knew they were besties after all. She was barely even talked to. Super underwhelming the ending. I wanted to feel and cry! But nope.

I love how Anne was portrayed. She wasn’t a complete and utter victim. She understood what she was risking by taking his hand in marriage. There were things she could’ve done to keep things from ending, but so much was out of her control. I liked it. She felt like a real person. Not a villain or damsel. It was nice. 

Meg’s part was okay – I enjoyed seeing her struggles. I felt so bad for her. She got screwed over time and time again. Poor girl. 

Besides for the quick ending and unrealistic aspect at the end there, I enjoyed this story! It was fun and refreshing for this bit of history. I’ll stamp this with 3 stars. Worth the read if you like the Tudors like me! 


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Poor Meg. WHat happened to her in the end?

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