Saturday, February 24

Movie Review: Doctor Who - The Infinite Quest (2007)

Film Title: Doctor Who - The Infinite Quest
Length: 45 mins
Released: 2007
Genre: Action, Adventure, & fantasy
Rating: Not Rated (I would say minimum PG)
Where I Got It: My shelf (bday gift from my friend)


In this animated adventure The Doctor and Martha Jones trek through space and time in a race against the galaxy's greatest despot, Baltazar, to follow a complex trail of clues to discover the location of the legendary lost spaceship, the Infinite, which, according to myth, can grant anybody their hearts desire.


OOoooooh Doctor Who. I do love the show (even though I am embarrassingly behind in the new stuff D:) so when my friend gave this to me for my birthday I was excited to watch it.

So the story follows the 10th Doctor (yayy - my favorite!) and his companion Martha (my least favorite) on another adventure. The come across Baltazar who is looking for the mythical and legendary spaceship that will grant anybody's deepest desire. Of course the Doctor and Martha decide this is NOT a good idea because Baltazar is a baddie so they decide to try and find it and stop Baltazar. 

A fun adventure for sure and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. It was fun to see the 10th Doctor again since he has always been my favorite. LOVE HIM! Martha is meh like usual. I don't mind her personality and the actress is good, but I LOATH her obsession-y love for the Doctor. I get it...I would feel the same if I was her, but it just contradicts her strong-woman personality to be so gaga over him. It is annoying because the Doctor has made it clear time and time again he wants to be just her companion and friend. DUH, he is still in love with good ol' Rose. But yes...even though I wish this adventure was with a different companion, I still enjoy it anyways. 

The art was interesting, but kinda hard to look at at. I get what they were attempting, but it seemed SO cheap. I wish it had been normal animation. This worked, but I wasn't a crazy fan of it. 

Oooo! That bird made me sad. Poor thing. 

Now the ending was certainly good. I SO did not expect what happened to have happened. Very good. Made me sad though....I wanted this to be longer. I miss the 10th Doctor something fierce!

In the end, this was a fun watch for Doctor Who fans. If you are new to this world, I would avoid it. I really thing this was made just as a fun 45 min extra adventure with the Doctor and Martha. The animation was kinda meh, but I enjoyed the story line. I'll give this a 3. 


Blodeuedd said...

Animated...ok, weird

Carole Rae said...

it was weird...but I still enjoyed it lol