Sunday, March 5

Best of February 2017 - Movies and Books

Hi All! Happy March! 

This is just a fun little meme that Blodeuedd and I are going to try  and do once a month. Give a little shout-out and "badge" of honor to our favorite book of the month! We are adding a favorite Movie of the month as well. 

First, favorite movie:

For February, I have decided to give the trophy to.........The Danish Girl. 

"Out of all the movies I watched last month, this movie really stood out. Yes, it got the highest star rating, BUT it was also a really good and interesting movie. It is a fresh of breath air that goes over such a controversial subject. The cast was good and I applaud the risk that the main actor took. It really could have ended his career. But it did the opposite and enhanced his resume and skill set. You need to watch this." 

Now, Blodeuedd picked..........................Transformers.

"For my birthday I got the Transformers boxset, and you know what, that one is my fav movie of the month. I have a weird love of the Transformers. I do not like the acting but damn things explode a lot. Lol. It is freaking amazing. Go Transfomers!"

Now, favorite book:

First, Blodeuedd's pick.................................Mischling by Affinity Konar

"I actually did not have any mind-blowing books this month. I had good books, and good books are good. Best of those I think Mischling has to be. It was so well-written and haunting. When I looked at my February books this was the one that stood out. It was the book of hope in a dark time. A sad book that was never sad, and an important book because we should never forget."

My choice is..................................Daughter of a Thousand Years by Amalia Carosella

"This wasn't mind-blowing by any means, but it was REALLY good. I could hardly put this down. I think why this stuck out was because of the characters for me. Also, this does cover a centuries old issue with humanity: Religion. The story and characters were complex. A good read for sure."


What was your favorite book of the month? Please share below! 


Anachronist said...

Have a lovely March and let it be better than February!

Melliane said...

I heard about the movie but the books are new to me

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to read Daughter of a Thousand Years. Now I really need to!

Blodeuedd said...

There went fast

Carole Rae said...

Ana, *fingers crossed*

Melliane, all good!

Allison, you must!

B, yassss so fast.