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Saturday Movie Night: Room (2015)

Hello everyone! This month Blodeuedd and I are reviewing, Room. Blodeuedd is in pink and I am in green. 

Title:  Room
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 1 hour and 58 mins
Rating: R
Released: 2015

 the extraordinary story of Jack, a spirited 5-year-old who is looked after by his loving and devoted mother. Like any good mother, Ma dedicates herself to keeping Jack happy and safe, nurturing him with warmth and love and doing typical things like playing games and telling stories. Their life, however, is anything but typical--they are trapped--confined to a 10-by-10-foot space that Ma has euphemistically named Room. Ma has created a whole universe for Jack within Room, and she will stop at nothing to ensure that, even in this treacherous environment, Jack is able to live a complete and fulfilling life. But as Jack's curiosity about their situation grows, and Ma's resilience reaches its breaking point, they enact a risky plan to escape, ultimately bringing them face-to-face with what may turn out to be the scariest thing yet: the real world.



Well...holy feels all over the place with this one.

I really liked the book it was based on, so I knew it would be emotional. But I must say the book was better. There was this feeling there that the movie just could not portray. But omg. It made me cry a lot.

I have heard of the book but I have not read it myself. I want to, I am adding it to my TBR. Books are 99.9% always better than the movie. But I feel this was really well done. It was pretty cool and interesting that they did the movie through the boys eyes. Normally with stories like this it is in the adults eyes. Poor kid. Poor lady.

That is how the book was, and that is why some did not like it because of his simple language and views. I thought it great, because it took away some of the horror at times. He was just innocent and did not really know what was going on. Especially when he was in the closet. I am glad they kept it.

I’m glad that they kept it then. Sure the lady’s story is a heart-wrenching story too, but the innocence of the little boy really crushed my heart in both a sad and happy way. They picked the cutest little boy and he did really well.

The mum’s story sure made me cry too, but this was his story more, and that was good. I liked to see him moving on. Her story in all its tragedy was just so sad. I did not need to cry more.

I can’t even imagine going through that! How horrible. How sad. That dad (her dad, his gramps) made me want to kick him! GAH! I was furious at him.

I can totally understand him, but arghhh *kicks him* Not cool man. Also that woman who did the interview, effing B%¤&¤!

OMG I KNOW! I was yelling at the screen!!!! What a witch!!!!!!!! Like...if I was the lawyer I would’ve flown into a rage and canceled the interview. Terrible and horrific questions.

Like there was a choice. Like she could have trusted that other choice if made. How could that woman even ask that. Yes the lawyer should just have kicked them out.

The baddie would’ve just killed the kid. So that was not even a choice. Plus that kid is young enough and he can recoup...what BS questions. SMH I’m still angry! LOL

Exactly! Like he would have brought him somewhere where they would like DNA test him. As if. You do not leave a trail like that. It just broke me when I saw how sad she got. How she thought it would have been better.

That mum and her parents had so much guilt and the boy was just so confused about everything. SO SAD BUT SO GOOD!

I really liked how her mum’s new man was the one who made an effort at first. And gran of course. That made me happy.

Yes I loved the stepgramp and the grandma. They were sweet. I loved the scene with the boy and the grandma. I cried happy tears.

It was so lovely to see, and then when he said he loved her. Omg, getting tears again.

GAH! Now you got me going. *sniff* But yes, they really were good to that boy. Dumb gramps. >_> I love the actor, but I’m so annoyed.

It’s tough to handle. Seeing your daughter, her son. Knowing…

I know, I know, but he should realize that little boy was her angel and he saved her. She would’ve never gotten free. She would’ve died alone in there.

Old Nick would probably have killed her before and gotten someone else.

For sure. She was getting old...she was 24 after all…...but I hated that name they gave the baddie. I feel like it is forever going to ruin Xmas for the boy! D:

Santa is creepy too

TRUE BUT it is even more creepy now that “Old Nick” gets you locked in the closet and is bad to your mum……….I hope that perv got thrown in jail. I do wish the movie gave more of an answer for what happened to the bad man

They did catch him, but all I thought was, for how long will he be in? When he gets out can he get custody just to eff with her? Horrible thought

I don’t think he could get custody but IDK how long he will be in jail. I believe this was set in Ohio and they do not have the death penalty….so prolly 20 years in jail and then he’s free to kidnap another girl. SMH.

These days you never know. I mean a woman is just an incubator after all.
Life sentence asshole! I hope someone killed him in jail.

Me too! Crimes like that are horrible.

So any final thoughts? I thought it was good and yes made me cry a lot.

Mmmm, I do want to watch it again. It is worth another watch. That is all I got. You?
I could not handle watching it again. Especially not with preggo hormones. But watch it, or read the book. Definitely a recommendation.

LOL that is true. Those preggo hormones are crazy ;D. But even with no preggo hormones I was a wreck! Good movie all-in-all. The end?

The end

This film really made me feel some major feelings. I loved the script...the actors...the way the film just played this story. I really loved that the story was from the boy's POV. There are so many films that center on the adult and their struggles, but this showed a very innocent view on the world and I loved it. So good. I highly recommend this film. Out of five stars, I give this 5. I really must read the book.


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