Saturday, March 25

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Film Title: Beauty and the Beast
Length: 2 hr and 10 mins
Released: 2017
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, & Musical 
Rating: PG
Where I Got It: Theaters

An adaptation of the fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.


I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER AND A HALF FOR THIS FILM TO COME OUT! I have legit been following this film since it was rumored to be in the works. It's been years, but it has finally arrived. 

If anyone knows me I am in love with Disney films. The original Beauty and the Beast  from the 90's was in my top 3. An amazing story. I will admit I was worried when the rumor became fact. I was nervous for a few reasons, but my biggest concern was the cast. They had a few people I was excited about, but there were a few people I was worried about. My worries were for naught...they were all superb. 

I'm so glad they made it a musical with all the classic songs and some new ones too.  I was worried the little twists and changes they made on the classics wouldn't work, but it was done well. Highly enjoyed it. The actors did fantastic too! Made me really proud. I wanted to sing along, buuuut I was at the theater and that would've been awkward.

There were added plot lines. Some call them unnecessary. I call them fun and made the story even better. I especially loved the explanation of the Beast and his childhood. There were also added character developments that I adored. Which...let's discuss the "controversial one".

They "made" LeFou gay and gave him a love interest (other than Gaston). *sarcastic gasp*. For those that remembering this is the little assistant/friend of Gaston. WHO created a whole song for Gaston to make Gaston feel better in the original film and this film. This character development offended SO many people. SO many theaters in the US (IDK about elsewhere) is boycotting this film. IDIOTS the lot of them. F them. Why F them? Read on:

1) Who cares about a gay character. It is a thing...get over it.

2) LeFou was gay in the original film. What "straight" man sings a whole song admiring and saying how great another "straight" man is sober? Let's be real here people...he was gay for Gaston in the 90's. It only makes sense to do it here too.

3) It was really no big in the film. There was no make out scene. There was no gay sex scene. Nothing. A child will NOT even notice the gay tendencies of the characters. They will not be influenced in anyway. 

4) Oh...the "gay agenda" is what you are worried about? But you are okay with the Beasstality, the witchcraft, and the rich vs poor mentality? Ah I do you I guess.....

ANYWAYS (sorry for my rant), this was an amazing film. There is one tiny complaint I MUST bring up....the CGI. 

The CGI was amazing except for a couple of scenes with the Beast. There were a couple of scenes that needed a little more attention. 

Other than that? Nothing else. The film is amazing and I'm not damned surprised that is #1 in the world as I write this. If there are no Oscars I will be in shock. I highly recommend this film to those that love the old film or who just loves a good film. I will proudly give this 5 stars. Don't believe me that this is a good film? Boyfriend was humming the songs afterwards and at work...yeah...see?

Re-watch?: Seeing this AGAIN with my Mom tomorrow ;D


Blodeuedd said...

Russia gave it a R? rating cos of just that

Carole Rae said...

Only Russia. xI