Thursday, March 12

Movie Review: Cold Mountain (2003)

Length: 2 hr and 34 mins
Released: 2003
Genre: Drama, Romance, & Action/Adventure
Rating: R 
Where I Got It: My shelf (Birthday gift a long time ago)

Inman, a Civil War Confederate soldier, is seriously wounded in battle before heading home to North Carolina to his pre-war beloved, Ada. In his absence, Ada--with the help of a young drifter named Ruby--is desperately trying to hold onto the farm of her deceased missionary father. Inman's long journey home takes him through the crumbling confederacy, as he meets people of all walks of life who want to both aid and hinder his mission.


Ooooh, I am a sap and I know it. This is another favorite tragic love story of mine. No matter how many times I watch this (or even read the book) I tear-up. So tragic. Honestly, I would be completely devastated if I was Ada. A new love goes to war for four years with little letters from him (it is 1860, so it is hard to get letters at a timely manner). PLUS it is the American Civil War, so you read how bloody and how much death is occurring, its hard not to be worrisome and fearful for the one you love.

POOR INMAN! Oh my goodness. He had such a long and terrible road to come back to Ada. He ditched the army, because he had had enough, do you blame him? Pretty much all his friends are dead and he was horribly injured. Honestly, he should have died. I do love how this is like a "modern" version of "Odysseus". However, Inman is a good man and never once strayed from Ada and it didn't take 10 years. xI Probably about a year of walking? But still...a long time with lots of trials and temptation. 

I could honestly ramble about this movie for one of my classes we could pick any book to write an analysis about, I should have done this one. *facepalm*

ANYWAYS...the cast is good. I loved Jude Law as Inman, perfect in my opinion. I do like Nicole Kidman a lot, however, I was really upset that they made her a blonde for Ada. In the book Ada is a dark-haired, dark eyed beauty. Other then that I loved her for Ada; she plays awkward very well. The only thing I can complain about is the two main actors slipped in their accents a couple times; I just caught it recently. 

Oooooh! The ending. I cannot even talk about it. It is the same for the book and movie. Sooooooooooo sad! I do not like it, but again...I love tragic love stories, so the evil part of me LOVES it. I do wish that in the movie that would have extended it longer, because the book the scene spans a few days, while the movie makes it seem one night...maybe two. Oh well.

Movie or Book? Ummmm...tough one, I love them both. If I had to pick ONE, I would probably pick the movie. It really gets to the FEELS and emotions right off the bat. Plus...Jude Law is a stud.

In the end, I adore this movie. There are a couple things I would have done differently if I made the movie, but alas, they did a good job with taking the book and putting it on screen. I love the actors they picked. A good group. I highly recommend this to those that like a little bit of war mixed with tragic love. It is a perfect remedy when you need to feel feelings. In the end, I stamp this with 5 stars. Of course.

Favorite Character(s): Inman, Ada (so awkward...I connect with her so much), Georgia (just because they had Jack White play him), and Ruby (love her)
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Teague (grrr)
Re-watch?: yessss!


Anachronist said...

I've been eyeing this movie for ages but, as I am not a big Nicole Kidman fan, I've never watched it. After your review, though, I think I have to :0. Thanks I guess.

Carole Rae said...

hehehehe. This is my favorite film with her in it.

Melliane said...

it's funny we had it on TV last night. In any case it's a movie I really love as well so I'm glad you had a good time with it.

Blodeuedd said...

I watched it ages ago :)

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, that is funny!

B, lol its a good re-watch.

Piecraft Bucharest said...

I loved this! I think Nicole Kidman is a really accomplished actress - I can't name a single part in which she performed less than wonderful.

Carole Rae said...

She is good!