Saturday, March 14

FitReaders #11

This challenge is organized by Geeky Blogger's Book Blog & That’s What I’m Talking About

Saturday: Nothing (went to Urgent Care - turns out I have strep throat & acute sinusitis. UGH)
Sunday: 1 mile walk
Monday: Cleaned the apartment and did laundry - that was as much as my sick self could do.
Tuesday:  nada (Really bad day...couldn't stop coughing)
Wednesday: .5 mile walk
Thursday: 1 mile walk (and I did some grocery shopping)
Friday: 1 mile walk & cleaned the apartment (did some spring cleaning this time)
Conclusion: What a horrible week! I've had strep throat and acute sinusitis, so it was hard to really do a LOT. The first few days, I could barely stand due to dizziness. I was convinced I was dying haha (I can be a total baby when I am sick). Friday was a little bit better, so I got motivated and spring cleaned the apartment. I did do some walking and keeping the apartment clean (I have all week off, since I will be starting a new job soon).  

Boyfriend comforting me


Blodeuedd said...

Ugh, I have tried to fight NOT to get sinusitis for ages now :/ It hurt like the devil a few weeks ago but so far not acute *fingers crossed*

Anachronist said...

Strep throat and acute sinusitis sound like two illnesses from HELL - get well soon and steer clear from them!

Piecraft Bucharest said...

I hope you'll feel better soon. This time of the year is always tricky *shudders* BTW, your week was still way better than mine. I hardly worked out at all :(

Carole Rae said...

B, *fingers crossed* Hopefully you don't catch it from me. LOL ;)

Ana, when I do it...I do it good.

Ramona, this has been a crappy year. LOL I forced myself to walk around to stay active, because I gain weight when I am sickly.