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B's Mondays: Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

As the mate of the Beast Lord, Curran, former mercenary Kate Daniels has more responsibilities than it seems possible to juggle. Not only is she still struggling to keep her investigative business afloat, but she must now deal with the affairs of the Pack, including preparing her people for attack from Roland, a cruel, ancient being with godlike powers.

As Roland’s long shadow looms ever nearer, Kate is called to attend a gathering of leaders from Atlanta’s supernatural factions. When one of the Masters of the Dead is found murdered by a shapeshifter, Kate is given less than twenty-four hours to hunt down the killer. And this time, if she fails, she’ll find herself embroiled in a war that could destroy everything she holds dear… 

My thoughts:
Of course it was good, but was it as good as previous books? Not exactly. Close, but not close enough. Not the same squeee-ness of it all. Not the same I must finish this in a second.

Still, I love Kate, she is so kick-ass.
Curran is so grrrrrrr alpha yum!
The gang is still awesome.
I totally love Roland..what? I do! He is so I WILL DESTROY THE WORLD AND BUILD TOWERS! I mean the note at the end, awesome.
And there is non-stop action. Danger. Vampires. Creepy towers. And finally finally! a meeting. I have waited for that for aaaages.

Still, not as good. Good enough. But, it's the whole, this series will surely go on forever. But I rather prefer an ending and not 100 books if there is to be a decline. However tiny...

I am still gonna give it a 4, even if it was more like..3.75. Close, but yes you heard it already. 

Paperback, 357 pages
Published March 3rd 2015 by Ace (first published July 29th 2014)
Kate Daniels #7
Urban fantasy


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Oh yes I love this series and I really enjoyed this one as well so I'm glad it was the same for you!

Piecraft Bucharest said...

Lol, I love your review! Non-stop action but no aaages? Sounds terrible, just terrible :D Great post.