Tuesday, October 13

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Comfort Foods and Reads

Oct 13th: Comfort foods and comfort reads: now that the weather is getting cooler, share some of yours.

Oooo comfort foods and comfort reads?

We'll start with comfort reads that I love reading when the weather is cold. Here is my list (no order):

- Romance novels are a #1
- Scary/Horror novels
- Cozy mysteries
- Xmas books
- Paranormal 

 One of my favorite things especially when the weather is getting cooler. Here is a list of my favorite comfort foods (no order to my list):

- Chocolate
- Pie! 
- Soup of every kind. 
- Crock pot meals!
- Turkey
- Stuffing
- Potatoes of every kind...especially mashed with gravy
- Apple Cider
- Apples
- Donuts

Those are just a few. I can't wait to hit up the nearest Cider Mill. 

Mamyia loves comfort food too ;)


Sophia Rose said...

Soup and mysteries have been my latest comforts. Nice lists. :)

Jen Twimom said...

Yes to cider donuts. We went to the orchard last week and got a batch. They are crispy and sugary on the outside and yummy on the inside!

Melliane said...

cake ! Ice cream !

Melliane said...

(Ice cream even if it's cold is a good confort food)

Blodeuedd said...

Mmmmmmmmm donuts!

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, they are perfect combos! And thank you!

Jen, I love cider donuts. They are the best.

Melliane, I will agree with you! Ice cream and cake. Yum!


vvb32 reads said...

Same, Yes, for all ;-)

Carole Rae said...