Wednesday, October 21

Audiobook Review: How to Catch a Wicked Viscount by Amy Rose Bennett

Author: Amy Rose Bennett 
Narrator: Sienna Frances
Title: How to Catch a Wicked Viscount
(The Disreputable Debutantes #1)
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 352
Published:  August 27th 2019
Where I got It: My shelf (Audible)

Summary: Shy, bookish Sophie Brightwell is expected to make an advantageous match to improve her family's fortunes. However, Sophie's plans to make a spectacular debut go horribly awry when she and her three closest friends are expelled from a young ladies' academy for unbecoming conduct. Since the ton will be sure to close their doors on these disgraced debutantes, they determine that unconventional means need to be employed in the husband-hunting market. Rakehells—the beau monde's wickedest members—might be the only men willing to overlook a young lady's besmirched reputation.

But how does one catch a rake?

Nate Hastings, the devil-may-care Viscount Malverne, is the older brother of Sophie’s best friend, fellow disgraced debutante Lady Charlotte. When a terribly foxed Nate accidentally compromises Sophie, Charlotte strikes a wicked bargain: in order to avoid a scandal and the parson's mousetrap, Nate must help Sophie snare a husband. But as Nate fulfills his obligation and begins to instruct the lovely Sophie in the art of luring rakes, he soon finds himself battling his own fierce attraction to her.

What a fun series this might be! I grabbed book 1 to give it a try. Plus....look at that cover! It is beautiful. The colors and that dress?! Love it. 

Sophie Brightwell who is expected to make a good match to improve her family's fortunes. However, all seems over when she and her friends are expelled from a young ladies' academy for unbecoming conduct. Since many men in the ton will not be able to look past their scandalous ways, these disgraced debutantes decide that the best husbands will be the rakehells of society. Enter in Nate Hastings. He is a rakehell and Sophie's best friend's older brother. One night while he is terribly foxed, he accidently compromises Sophie, so in order to appease his sister and keep her from telling someone, he strikes a Sophie find a husband. However, he soon finds himself battling his own attraction for Sophie Brightwell. 

What a fun story overall. A very different take and it was refreshing. We have a group of friends who are expelled from their lady school so their pool of men are going to be smaller. I guess that is the best course! Finding men who can't really judge since they are also very judged by the ton as well. It works!

I liked Sophie, but I LOVED Charlotte. I can't wait for her book. I do not think that one is out yet. We didn't really get much time with the other 2 friends yet, but I liked them so far. 

Now....I did NOT like Nate. He is an idiot. He is an arsehat. He is selfish. He is a jerk. He needed a good kick in the romp. Nope. Sophie should've said yes to another suiter who obviously like her and seemed like a good catch. Sighs. I hope he gets a HEA. He's not really a rake so I do not think he will get any of the other girls. But I do hope we get to see him find love someday. Poor fella. 

Yes, I enjoyed this story overall, but it was a little rough because even when Nate got himself in order, I really didn't forgive him or warm up to him fully so it made it hard for me to 100% enjoy this. Yes, yes, I understand he is a bad boy and rake. He had 100 excuses why he doesn't/can't get married and why Sophie is not suitable for him BUT he still kept getting in the way of Sophie moving on and finding a man to love her. He kept toying with her and then pushing her away. GAH. It got old and annoying. A part of me wanted her to marry someone else and let him stew in his misery. SURE he did make amends and did a lot for Sophie, so I can see her forgiving him and accepting his proposal finally, but still. GAH. 

Switching gears because I can simply ramble about my annoyance with Nate all day...the narrator was fantastic! I really hope this narrator does the next one of the series (yes - I will more than likely do the audio for the next as well especially if this narrator does the next one too). 

Overall, I did like this BUT Nate made it hard to love this one. I get he is a rake, but it doesn't mean he should be a big jerk. The narrator was wonderful. I'll give this 3 stars. 

- #48 for Audiobook Challenge

- #9 on THE BAD BOYS OF ROMANCE challenge


Sophia Rose said...

I hate that he played hot and cold with her, but wouldn't let her move on. You have me curious about her buddy Charlotte.

Blodeuedd said...

Yeha, just cos you are a rake doesn't mean you have to be a jerk

Jen Twimom said...

Love this cover! Will it make the best of October list??? Sounds good, but it's tough when you don't like one of the MCs for most of the book.

Carole Rae said...

Sophia, me too. Charlie is awesome!

B, yep!

Jen, yessss it is tough! And the cover is a tough contender ;)