Wednesday, October 28

Audiobook Review: Cowboy Honor by Carolyn Brown

Author: Carolyn Brown
Narrator: Chelsea Hatfield
Title: Cowboy Honor
(Longhorn Canyon #2)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Western
Format: Audiobook
Pages: 400 
Published:  September 25th 2018
Where I got It: My shelf (Audible)

Patience was never one of her virtues. After her SUV runs off the road in the middle of a Texas blizzard and her cell stops working, Claire Mason is about to snap. Getting back home to Oklahoma with her four-year-old niece is top priority. And lucky for her, help comes in the form of a true Texas cowboy...

Levi Jackson has always been a sucker for strays. So he can't help getting involved when he comes across Claire and her little niece shivering in the cold. By offering them a place to stay until her car is fixed, he can make sure the two are taken care of - and get to know the sassy Claire better.

What starts as something awkward and temporary starts feeling cozier by the minute. And soon Levi is hoping he can convince Claire she has a permanent place in his heart.

I really adored book 1 and I've been itching to start this one. I found an audio of it on Audible so I decided to try it that way!

The story follows Levi who is the foreman of the ranch. He has always been a sucker for helping strays so when he stumbles upon Claire and her niece stranded and cold. He brings them in and takes care of them until the storm is passed. Claire was just trying to get herself and her niece home but a scary Texas blizzard runs her off the road and totals her car. She has zero cell service and not a lot of food. Lucky for her Levi shows up and takes them up to the ranch. 

This was a very sweet romance. Not a lot of drama here. It was very calm. No crazy exes. No lies. The only issue that they had is that they are both fiercely independent people, but who have HUGE hearts and a desire to be loved. I really liked this concept. Sometimes you just want a sweet romance that any sort of "issues" that can complicate a relationship and easy-ish to resolve. 

Cade is still my favorite cowboy of the series so far (granted this is only book 2) but Levi is a runner up. They are both SO sweet (sorry for using this word a lot but it is the best word I can use) and adorable. I'm a little nervous about Justin in the next book. He's Levi's best friend and Cade's brother but I'm not crazy about him. He's not a BAD dude but he is for sure a womanizer with a capitol W and he's rubbed me the wrong way the last couple of books. We shall see. He'll need a firecracker of a woman to tie him down.

Claire's niece was adorable! She is bound to grow up and be a little firecracker like her auntie. Again, I always get worried when kids show up in books because author's can fall easily into a trap of making the kid too adult-like or too 2D in personality. However, the author did fantastic! I loved this little girl. I hope she has a strong presence in the next books. 

OOOOO that surprise???? Christmas miracles do happen! I cheered! I can't say what but it made me happy. 

The narrator did a good job. I liked her voices for all the characters. The little girl voice was a little grating at first, but I either got used to it or the narrator calmed it down. 

All-in-all I did adore this. Not as much as book 1, but I really loved the sweetness of the story. No crazy drama or antics. A very sweet couple and an adorable little girl. The narrator did well and maybe I'll listen to book 3. We shall see ;). I'll stamp this with 4 stars. 

- #50 for Audiobook Challenge


Blodeuedd said...

Awww her books gives me all the feels

Carole Rae said...

Me too!

Sophia Rose said...

I remember this one! I adored their romance, too. That first scene had me laughing because she was so suspicious.

Carole Rae said...

oooo yes. The gun! LOL