Friday, July 3

Audiobook Review: Stone Song by Tricia O'Malley

Stone Song: The Isle of Destiny Series
Author: Tricia O'Malley 
Narrator: Amy Landon
Title: Stone Song
(The Isle of Destiny #1)
Genre: Fantasy, PNR
Format: Audiobook 
Pages: 296  
Published: June 2nd 2016
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

Summary: Clare MacBride has her life in exactly the order she wants it. In a year, she’ll have finished her geology dissertation, though she’s no closer to figuring out the answer to one question that plagues her.

Why does she feel stones pulse with energy?

A centuries-old curse, a mysterious faction of protectors, and a mythological godstone all sound like old world fairytale nonsense to Clare. It only takes one rainy evening with a silver-eyed fae and a handsome stranger promising protection to rock her world forever.

With her life plans shattered at her feet, the lines of science and fiction blur as Clare is forced to throw everything she knows about the world out the window and look deep within her heart for answers.

Sooooooo I finally decided to try another book of this author since I am having withdraws from the series I just finished (which I heard a rumor she is adding a book to that series. eee!)

The story follows Clare who thought she had life all set up and ready to go. Her plans shatter like glass at her feet when she realizes she is chosen by forces beyond her control. She must put her life and heart on the line on this journey. 

My favorite part of this book is the fact that it takes place in the same world as the other series! You do not have to read the other series to understand, but it really made it feel like I was at home. It was so nice to see a couple of people from the previous books make a quick appearance. ^_^

Oh Clare. Oh Clare. I have mixed feelings about you. 

Blake...he was okay. Very grumpy but he has been in love with Clare for 10 years and couldn't even say hi to her without messing up her fate. So sad. 

I LOVED Clare's friend. She was adorable. I think I would've liked her to be the Chosen One ;) hehe. 

This was far too short. I feel like we need more time as they try and solve the mystery and find the stone. I wanted more time with these 4 adventurers. Maybe we'll see them more in  the next book? We shall see. 

The narrator is awesome as per normal. Love her voices!!

Overall, I liked it, but I felt like there should've been more. I'll have to read book 2 someday. I'll give this 3 stars. 


- #29 for Audiobook Challenge


Blodeuedd said...

Maybe book 2 will be back to normal standards

Sophia Rose said...

Neat that you found a spin off series that shares the same world and some crossover characters. Hopefully book two will roll along better.

Jen Twimom said...

Did you know that the book was in the same world as the other series? That's fun!

Carole Rae said...

B, I have hope for book 2

Sophia, I hope so! Anndddd yess it was so nice to see some familiar faces.

Jen, I had no idea! Such a fun surprise for meeee