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Audiobook review: Misunderstood by Reina M Williams

Misunderstood: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (Love at Pemberley, #4)
Author: Reina M. Williams
Narrator: Kate Sample
Title: Misunderstood
(Love at Pemberley #4)
Genre: Historical Romance, What-If, Short Story,Novella
Format: Audiobook 
Pages: 92
Published: December 14th 2014
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

Miss Maria Lucas, after jilting her fiancĂ©, has traveled to Pemberley for the Christmas season. She hopes her visit to childhood friends Kitty and Lizzy will ease the discomfort she’s felt at home after disappointing her parents’ plans for her marriage. But she could not marry the man they chose—there is only one man she can give her heart to, a man she believes she will never see again.

Mr. Denny arrives at Pemberley, not a very welcome guest to Mr. Darcy. But, as a friend of Darcy’s new brother-in-law, Sir Camden, Darcy opens his home to Denny. Soon, Denny finds himself opening to new feelings for the lovely Miss Maria Lucas, and he acts to make this Christmastide one of new beginnings. As Denny shows the party at Pemberley his true nature, Maria hides some of her truths from Denny. Forgiveness and happiness dance within reach—can they claim their partners by Twelfth Night?

Book 4! I think this is the end of this series. WAH!!!!!! 

The story follows Maria Lucas who has just broken off her engagement because she couldn't get herself to marry a man she didn't fully love. Her heart has been stuck with one fellow who barely even knew she existed. That man is Mr. Denny. He was once friends with Wickham and Darcy does not trust the man. However, Sir Camden is also Denny's friend so Darcy reluctantly opens up his home to this man to give him a chance to prove he is not like Wickham. It is Christmas time is it not? With the Christmas season underway, Denny starts realizing that Maria may be the one he was looking for to give him the love he needs. Will Maria's wish come true? 

This was super cute. Maria is a silly girl and I don't know why she tried to keep her previous engagement a secret. Just communicate girl! Tell him the whys! Sighs. 

But I liked Denny and I'm glad he realized Maria was the one for him. They need each other. They are perfect. 

I am sad this is the end of the series....for now. Who knows? Maybe we'll get more? Look at me being forever hopeful. I just don't want this to end. The author is really good at making this feel like an Austen and bringing these characters to life especially the side characters who deserve some spotlight and redemption. 

The narrator was per normal. She is great especially with both the men and women. 

Overall, a great end to a good series. I think this was one of my favorites even though I wanted to shake some sense into Maria! I'll stamp this with 5 stars. 


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