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Audiobook Review: Dangerous Secrets by Abbie Zanders

Dangerous Secrets (Callaghan Brothers, #1)Author: Abbie Zanders 
Narrator: Aiden Snow
Title: Dangerous Secrets
(Callaghan Brothers #1)
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Set, Romantic Suspense
Format: Audiobook 
Pages: 356 
Published: November 19th 2014
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

Two secret pasts... one passionate love story.

Taryn Malone is stranded, broke, and desperate for help. But even if the sexy bartender she's been eyeing offers her a job for the evening... even if he seduces her with his impossibly intense blue eyes... even if every fiber of her heart tells her to stay with him... she can't.

Because Taryn Malone doesn't exist.

Jake Callaghan has been running the family's Irish pub for years now. When he sees Taryn standing out alone in the rain, he does what he's been trained to do as a SEAL - he rescues her. It has nothing to do with her full, firm curves, or her loose, golden-blonde hair, or the way she brushes against him that sends lightning bolts through his body. It's just the right thing to do.


But both Taryn and Jake are hiding secrets from each other. Dangerous secrets. And neither one of them knows just how dangerous it can be to fall in love...

Gotta love randomly stumbling on something that will match up with pretty much every reading challenge. Whoo! 

The story follows Taryn and Jake Callaghan. Taryn survived awful things and has been in hiding for 10 years until she runs into Jake. Jake runs his family's Irish pub, but he is hiding secrets too. He is ex-SEAL, a soldier for his family, and a womanizer. They fall in love and their secrets will put them in a lot of danger. 

Oh Taryn. You poor thing. When you find out what had happened to her and her whole family it really does make you sad. I even teared up when we got the full story. SOBS!

Ugh. Jake and his family. Don't get me wrong...I liked them...but TOO alpha. I like alpha more than I should, but even I have a limit. Meh. You can't lie to Taryn like that. NOT okay. And omg they do not respect women AT all. All the brothers wanted to bang Taryn. Good lord. She is badass and cool, but leave the poor woman alone! I'm glad Jake did step up and say MY WOMAN, so they all backed up and think of her as a sister now, but GOOD LORD. 

I also found it super, duper weird that Taryn UNKNOWINGLY was forced to hunker down with Jake's older brother. 1...ummmm Taryn is BOUND to find out you tricked her. 2....I began to feel like Jake was no longer the love interest. Taryn spent a good chunk getting to know the older brother. We even stopped having Jake's POV for a while and got the older brother's POV. Ummm. Okay. I had to double-check the summary of the book and yes - Jake is the male love interest. Mmmm  super weird. So I felt like I didn't BUY that Jake and Taryn were in love even when they were reunited. 

The suspense and thriller parts were good. I was on the edge of my seat and even with my issues - I had to know all the secrets and what really happened and what WOULD happen to our characters. I was so worried about Taryn! 

I liked the narrator. I feel like I have heard him previously (so bad at names). I do wish he had more variances for the male voices. They all sounded pretty close though. I did have to really pay attention when there was more than one male in the room. 

Overall...this was just okay. I had some issues with the plot and the TOO alpha-ness of the brothers. I'll give this 2 stars. Not sure if I'll continue the series tbh. We shall see. 


- #22 for Audiobook Challenge

- #5 on THE BAD BOYS OF ROMANCE challenge


- #15 for Romantic Suspense


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