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Audiobook Review: Acer by Lilly Atlas

Acer (No Prisoners MC #3)
Author: Lilly Atlas 
Narrator: Noah Michael Levine , Erin DeWard 
Title: Acer
(No Prisoners MC #3)
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Set
Format: Audiobook 
Pages: 366 
Published: January 31st 2017
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

After one unforgettable night with a dangerous outlaw, Fia knows she must limit contact with the kind of man who could never fit in her wealthy circle. Unfortunately, she can't keep their brief but passionate encounter far from her thoughts. When she seeks him out for reasons unrelated to their chemistry, the worst happens, and Fia is attacked by a madman. With her life turned upside down, she seeks help from the one person she can’t get out of her mind.

Betrayed by someone he should have been able to trust above all, Acer spends the next two decades of his life avoiding entanglements that have any chance of ending with a knife in his back. The MC life provides a safe way to have personal connections and loyalty due to its simple rule: betray the club and punishment will be severe. Still, he keeps a large part of himself locked away inside, hidden even from his MC brothers. When the woman who’s been messing with his head for months reappears in his life needing sanctuary, Acer jumps to her aid. He’s committed to help her reclaim her life, but determined to keep her at arms-length in the process.

As Acer and Fia fight their growing feelings, his club is in danger from a new and different kind of enemy. Will his refusal to put his full trust in anyone, including the woman he’s falling for, end up destroying more than betrayal ever could?

Book 3! I've been curious about Acer finding love. He is mysterious for sure. 

The story follows Acer and Fia. They both are misfits in the world of wealth. Acer's father betrayed him so he took off and found a better family with the MC group. Fia just wants to run her own business, but her parents want her to marry and just be a trophy wife. Terrible parents they both have so they both have issues with trust. They meet at a charity event and they have a one night stand. Some time goes by and Fia learns something that could endanger the club. She goes to Acer to tell him...but the unspeakable happens and Fia is attacked by a madman. With her life upside down, she seeks helps from the one man she feels she can trust. 

This was good. It had a different format then the others. There is insta-lust and mutual fondness between them. They are both misfits in their world and they find each other. They have a crazy night of sex and then part ways. They come together again months later when Fia finds out that Acer's father is up to something dangerous that could endanger Acer and his gang. Something horrible happens to Fia and Acer helps her find herself again. It was very sweet. The love takes time even though we all know it is there. They care for each other. 

Poor Fia. I had a hard time getting through the terrible events. Luckily it wasn't over detailed so it made it easier, but I adore Fia so it made it hard. I kept screaming "ACER FIND HER! SAVE HER! HURRY!" Poor girl. 

I loved that the majority of the book was about Acer helping Fia get through her trauma. He totally didn't have to, because they weren't an item, but he cared enough about her to get her through it all. Bless his heart. I adore him too. 

I loved the ending. It was beautiful and made me tear up a little bit. 

The narrators were fantastic again. They work so well together. I'm so glad they decided to do 2 narrators again!

Overall, this was really good. I adored Fia and Acer both. There was insta-lust and the love was buried in there but was present the whole time even though they didn't want to admit to each other. Very sweet. I'll give this 4 stars.


- #21 for Audiobook Challenge

- #4 on THE BAD BOYS OF ROMANCE challenge



Melliane said...

I'm not an insta-lust kind of girl but as you has a good time I would be curious to try and see how it is

Jen Twimom said...

I am not really a fan of MC books, but sometimes when the hero has a heart of gold, it works. Glad you enjoyed!

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, Same here. But you could tell there was more under that lust right away.

Jen, I'm not usually either, but I'm loving this series. These guys do have heart.

Blodeuedd said...

I kind of do not want to try MC books because, ugh gross ugly fat drug addicts

Carol said...

I haven't read any kind of romance in forever, but this one just doesn't sound like it's up my alley. Too much trauma.

Carole Rae said...

B, they do exist here and there.

Carol, yesss this was a little much I felt. Very sad. The others in the series haven't been THIS traumatic.