Wednesday, August 29

Audiobook Review: Wild Irish Root - Margaret & Sean by Tricia O'Malley

Author: Tricia O'Malley
Narrator: Amy Landon
Title: Wild Irish Roots - Margaret & Sean (Mystic Cove #5)
Genre: Paranormal Romance & Fantasy
Pages: Audiobook
Published: August 12th 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (Audible)

“The longest road out is the shortest road home.” - Irish Proverb 

Admitting mistakes isn’t easy. And for hardheaded Margret O’Brien, it’s virtually unheard of. When Margaret comes back to Ireland for her daughter’s wedding, she is forced to face her past. She just didn’t expect to be doing it thrown upside down over a devastatingly handsome and exceptionally angry Irishman’s shoulder. 

Yet Sean Burke can still make her toes curl with lust. 

Twenty-eight years, two countries, and years of hurt stand between Sean and Margaret’s chance at love. 

I’ve been curious about getting my hands on this one. I’ve wanted to learn more about Keelin’s mom and what happened there to make her so bitter. 

The story follows Margaret and Sean. They came together when they were really young. She was 19 and he was in his early 20s (I can’t remember precisely). They had insta-love and insta-lust. They dated for a few weeks and then they did the deed. Things happened and they fell apart. It was really sad. Margaret ran away to Boston after she found out she was preggo. She started her own business and vowed never to return to Ireland and never see Sean again. Things happened Keelin, the daughter, found the love of her life in Maggie’s old town and to come face-to-face with Sean. 

It was so sad to see what happened to these lovebirds. Both are to blame and both are victims. They are both stubborn and knuckle-heads. I was annoyed with Sean for not at least try to be in his daughter’s life even though Maggie said to stay away. He is still the dad and he should’ve at least try there. BUT people are young and dumb. They all grow up and are brought together again because of Keelin and her new family. 

I did not like Maggie much at first. She was snotty and bratty. She was SO selfish. I’m glad a certain character really put her in her place. Well…I feel like everyone gave her a good verbal lashing. Sean deserved it too. 

The story was good, but I had a hard time in the middle there because I was annoyed at both of them. Once things started to mend, I felt better and after a certain event, I was hooked again. Can’t say what, but it kept me going. 

THAT ENDING! UGH! SO GOOD! The next book is about Fiona, so we are going back in time. I am excited about that…..BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! EEE! Don’t leave me hanging author!!!!!!

The normal...was flawless. I loved her voices for characters and she does not stray. You can tell who is talking. LOVE IT. 

In the end, I did like this. Not my favorite because I had a hard time liking Maggie and Sean. However, it was important to read this and learn what started the whole series. I am sad there is one book left. Hopefully, the author will write more. Who knows!? I can hope, can’t I? But yes, still pretty good even though there was a brief time I was not feeling it. I’ll give this 3 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

It sounds like I'd want to smash their heads together

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Ugghhh yesssss