Tuesday, August 14

Tell Me Something Tuesday: When Series Go Too long

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At what point do you think a series has gone on too long?

This was an easy one for sure! There are some things that make me stop reading a series:

1) It feels like a chore. When I feel forced to continue reading on and I dread it…then it is time to say buh-bye. 

2) Things start getting boring and recycled. When the material starts getting repetitive and boring, then I walk away. The author is running out of ideas and there is no point moving forward. 

3) When a character does something or changes too much it is time to say done. There are times when the main character does something out of character or changes to the point it cannot even be the same character. This usually means the series is dying. 

Those are just the first 3 and most common things that indicate that a series is done and I have to walk away. 

The only pic I have been able to get of these two babies together. Mamyia is still not pleased with this pup.


Melliane said...

lol when I read the title I immediatly think of Anita Blake

Carole Rae said...

Hahahahaha yesssss that was my first thought too

Blodeuedd said...

Yes! When it feels like a chore you really should quit

Carole Rae said...

yesss I want to read for fun!