Tuesday, January 30

Time for TV Tuesday: The Crown (Season 2)

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The Crown (Season 2)

Season 1 was pretty good. I enjoyed it and I was dying to get my hands on Season 2. I KNOW what happens next, but I couldn’t wait to watch this interpretation of what happens next. It is always SO fun to compare reality with Hollywood reality. I feel this show has done well so far with the balance of fact and entertainment fact. 

I do love the cast. They do well. I hear rumor they will be replacing everyone with older actors. I will be so sad! They have been a treat. I’ve especially loved the lady who plays the queen herself. Wonderful actress and I hope she does more in the future! 

Phillip is a total asshate and the actor is doing a good job making me be annoyed with him. Phillip gets better for a little while but then when he gets back he becomes an immature brat. Luckily, as we all know, he does become the hubbie the queen needs and deserves. It has taken years, but one scene made me happy. I am still not happy with his treatment to Charles. Poor kid. That episode broke my little heart. He was so bullied and so not happy at that school. I wanted to kick Phillip. The damn security detail was more fatherly to the poor kid. I can see why Charles became what he became…

But anyways, this made me feel more. I felt there was more action and drama then the last one. I really feared for the queen divorcing her hubbie even though I KNOW they don’t. But I was scared. A normal marriage would’ve fallen apart years ago. I’m glad they made it. 
The ending ended well and I would be fine if they did not do another season. Sure, I want to see more, but I felt it ended on a good note. There is more drama ahead but I worry that if they change up the cast to make them older I will not be happy. We shall see….but I am worried. This cast excellent. All of them. No complaints from me. 

OMG! The poor prime ministers. Ugh. I just remembered…they were both so humiliated. Fools though and they should’ve realized they would’ve been tossed under the bus, but you can’t help but feel for them. I especially feel for the one who went to the parody show about him and the other politicians. Yes, it started funny, but then it just got cruel.  Poor guy…between his wife and that….I can see why he seems like a loser and quitter. I would be too. 

What else to say? 

I think my only complaint is the huge time jumps and gaps. I always have to think or look up how long it has been. I wish they would do little “7 months later” or something to indicate how long it has been. The viewer, if not sure of the real history, would be a little confused on why their kids are older now. When the queen and Phillip had a convo about their anniversary I was a little shocked that it has been 10 years!! Umm…mmm. So yes, a little head’s up once in a while would be lovely.

A fun watch. This season was better than the first one I feel. There was a lot of drama within the family and outside of the family. It worked well and made me feel. If they do shake up the cast with older people, I will be worried since I loved this cast so much. I’ll give this season 4 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

Nah, I will rather watch Vicky

Carole Rae said...

I want to watch more Vicky!

vvb32 reads said...

Ahh, I am slowly working my way through season one and loving it.

Carole Rae said...

vvb32, it took me a while to get through season 1. It was a lot of stuff to take in! I flew by season 2.