Tuesday, January 23

TMST: How Do you Beat the Winter Blues

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How do you beat the winter blues?

Like many people I do suffer the winter blues. However, I really feel that it takes a huge impact physically, mentally, and my joy/hope. During the winter months here in Michigan, I get soooooo drained and soooooo tired and sooooo hopeless. I always end up feeling like it will be miserable outside forever.

Besides for the obvious medicinal remedies like OJ or whatever, I have to take some serious doses of happiness to try to get me out of the winter blues.

1)      Read, watch movies, and watch TV. I need to escape to warmer lands or watch other 
         people be miserable with me in the winter wonderlands.

2)      Go traveling…if I can (this is a rare and desperate move on my end)

3)      Drink! Lots of booze with friends is an excellent key. Maybe not precisely the BEST  

4)      Eat. Not good for the waist, but chocolate brings me joy, so the waits can suffer for 
         the moment.

5)      Hot bathes. Nothing gets me more toasty warm then scolding myself in a flaming bath 
        of doom. It feels so nice, especially with a book and bubbles. I DARE YOU TO BE 

6)      Daydream. I need to daydream about my plans this summer. Sure it can be make 
         believe! But it doesn’t hurt to dream.

7)      Tea. Tea is a good medicinal but it also helps sooth the soul. The British know what 
          they are doing.

8)      Curse and scream. Sometimes you need to just let it out! Screaming and throwing 
         curses at the devil in snowflake form is the best medicine I know!

A little delayed in sharing...but Mamyia trying to behave...

What about you guys? What helps you rise above the winter blues? 


Melliane said...

for now it's ok because we didn't have a real winter. It's so weird, these days we have 20°C here.

Rashika said...

I hate hate hate winter blues. I think for me, it isn't so much the cold as much as it is the fact that we don't get as much sunlight in the winter. I've started to really crave brightness and sunshine and when the winter months take that away from me (partly because days are shorter and party because of stupid daylight savings.)

I don't really do much to combat though. Maybe I should get one of those happy lamps, LOL.

Blodeuedd said...

Winter really is the time for tv

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, we've had the occasional warm day. But it has been a cold and snowy winter this year.

Rashika, same here!!! I hate it so much. I blame the lack of sunshine.

B, agreedddd.

vvb32 reads said...

Mmm, warm comfort food does it for me.

Carol said...

I hate winter. And Michigan seems even worse than Ohio. And this year has been so cold and snowy so far. I like lots of hot chocolate and tv.

Carole Rae said...

Yesss this winter has been bad. I think MI gets worse stuff because we are soooooooooooooo close to Canada. We get all their left overs ;)