Wednesday, January 10

Book Review: The Honorable Mr. Darcy by Jennifer Joy

Author: Jennifer Joy 
Title: The Honorable Mr. Darcy (Meryton Mystery #1)
Genre: Historical Romance, Mystery, & PP Variance
Pages: ebook
Published: October 2016
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon Freebie)

Lieutenant George Wickham is dead. 

The shot rings out in Wickham's tent as the good citizens of Meryton dance the night away at Mr. Bingley's Netherfield ball. The only person who can confirm Fitzwilliam Darcy's alibi faces the loss of her reputation and her freedom if she comes forward. 

Convinced that her sole motive is the pursuit of justice— and not her growing attraction to Mr. Darcy— Elizabeth Bennet begins an investigation to clear his name and evade an unwanted marriage. 

If Darcy didn’t shoot Wickham in cold blood, who did? Which of Longbourn’s neighbors is not who they seem? 

With a killer on the loose, can Elizabeth avoid being the next victim as she comes closer to revealing the truth?

A P&P variation and a murder mystery all in one? How could I possibly resist this???? Also! It was a freebie, sooooo yeah…no choice. 

The story starts pretty standardly, but then things get all crazy when Darcy and Lizzy end up in a compromising position locked in a library together at a ball. Whoops. In order to not get discovered, Darcy jumps through the window and sneaks back into the ball and starts asking where Lizzy is. All at the same time as Darcy is shimming down the side of the building, Wickham is being murdered. Oh dear indeed. 

Darcy needs to clear his name but he promised he wouldn’t share the secret between him and Lizzy with the world. Things get worrisome and then there are two…no three huge plot twists in the end. I suspected one of the three things. I was wrong on who I thought the murderer was. Kuddos to the author. I was WAY off. It was a good. I feel she took the easy way out on that one. But alas, you won’t guess it. 

I also didn’t like the one twist. Really? It felt rushed and added last minute. Maybe have that be a reveal in the next book or something. Meh. 

This did keep me on my toes. I had no idea what the truth was or how it was going to come to light especially if they don’t tell what happened and where Darcy really was at midnight. Gentleman to the end I swear!

P&Ps are always fun. I love seeing all the characters. I am happy Kitty got her HEA. I wonder what will happen to Lydia now that Wickham was murdered before they could elope? Mhmmm. Intriguing. I do want to read the next one. I do have a suitor in mind for her. Same with Mary. Mary needs a HEA. 

\This was longer then it had to be honestly. There were some extremely dull moments. A little snip here and there would’ve helped the story flow a hair better. Overall though, I was invested in the journey so I kept going. 

Ugh. They need a new cover. Bleh. Sure the guy is kinda cute? Maybe? But so boring and doesn’t capture the murder mystery of this romance!

In the end, this was fun. It had some BIG twists I didn’t see coming. A fun journey with a few dull moments, but overall fun. I want to read the next one. There is another murder that will need to be solved!! Go Lizzy! Go Darcy! I’ll give this 3 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

well you know I love these ;)

Melliane said...

I understand that you couldn't pass! I would have been really curious as well

Carole Rae said...

B, you would get a kick out of this one I think!

Melliane, it was a freebie indeed.