Friday, January 19

Book Review: The Golden Cage by Kaitlyn Davis

Author: Kaitlyn Davis
Title: The Golden Cage (A Dance of Dragons 0.5)
Genre: Fantasy, YA, Romance, Short Story
Pages: ebook
Published: March 27th 2014
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon Freebie)

In the land of Ourthuro, cruelty is a way of life. The king rules with an iron fist and no one dare defy him--no one except his daughter. Princess Leena is keeping a dangerous secret, she has fallen in love with a soldier and it would mean both of their lives if her father ever discovered their affair.

But Leena will risk it all to be with the man she loves--her heart, her life, her freedom. And when her brother's birthday celebration takes a dangerous turn, Leena is forced to make a decision that will change the fate of her nation and eventually the world.

The Golden Cage is a prequel novella to The Shadow Soul (A Dance of Dragons #1)

What a horrible, horrible world!!! I want to read more and learn more. This prologue really did capture me. First with the cover, then it was a freebie (don’t mind me being cheap), and then the story. 

The story follows Leena who is a princess with a horrible father who is an utter brute to his subjects AND family. Honestly, this place is Henry VIII’s wet dream. He wishes he could’ve made England like this world! She falls in loves with her hot bodyguard and they plan to run away together. 

The only thing that truly bugged me was the fact that this world has this weird superstition that if the queen gives birth to a girl first it is a bad thing and so they have her killed. What???? How are the nobles okay with this???? They all seem perfectly okay with it. This king has killed 12 women (I am assuming they have to be noble of some sort) since each one birthed a daughter first. WHO WOULD AGREE TO SEND THEIR DAUGHTER TO A DEATH TRAP!? Gah! But it truly drives home the point that the king is a nasty bugger and no one stands up to him…they allow him to innocent women because of a silly “superstition”. See? Henry VIII WISHES he had had this power. 


Yes, Leena is hiding her love. Honestly, she and that boy are fools. Sad, love-ridden fools. 
The ending made me tear-up. FIRST BOOK TO MAKE ME FEEL FEELINGS THIS YEAR! *throws sad confetti*. But yes…it was sad. I can’t say I didn’t expect it, but it still made me tear-up. 

This was a quick story and I enjoyed it. It made me want to move forward and read more. Maybe the next book can go over more about the world and the kingdom of death painted in gold. I’ll give this 4 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

I guess he has the country in an iron grip

Carole Rae said...

He for sure does!!

Anachronist said...

Interesting. Dark. But these romances...

Carole Rae said...

LOL. I think the next book doesn't really have romance in it. We shall see.