Thursday, November 19

Movie Review: Serena (2014)

Length: 109 mins
Released: 2014
Genre: Historical Romance & Drama
Rating: R
Where I Got It: Netflix


In Depression-era North Carolina, George Pemberton struggles to maintain the future of his timber empire. His life becomes more complicated after his wife, Serena, learns that she cannot ever bear children after she suffers a miscarriage with their first child


A totally random find on Netflix. I was feeling something historical with a touch of romance. The cast seemed like fun and the story seemed to be intriguing. This seemed like something to appease me while being bored....

It was not entertained me kinda sorta. HOWEVER, it made my eye twitch the entire time. 



Yes, the main character. The one the film is titled after. As everyone knows I hate, yes hate, perfect characters and she certainly was a perfect character. Beautiful, smart, good with animals, a lot of know-how on running a timberlogging company, has a sexy man who supports her being independent, is okay that her sexy hubbie had a love affair with a poor girl once upon a time ago, had a rough past but it made her stronger, and oh yea - every man loved her eventually. REALLY? REALLY? >_> I love the actress, but for the love of pie why did she play Serena. 

GRANTED Miss Perfect does have her snapping point. Oooooooh and when she snapped it was beautiful. I pretty much applauded! I cannot say what happened or what Miss Perfect did, but it appeased me. It was not good and it kinda sorta made her the bad guy of the film, but oooooooh I can't express the joy I felt that Miss Perfect fell off her pedestal. However, it took 90% of the movie for her to reach this point. In a weird was worth it. hahahaha

Yes, the ending was good because Miss Perfect caused it, but looking at it in a was cheesy and over-the-top. 

If you are looking for brainless background noise this is the film for you. Which is sad, because I adored the cast. I blame screenwriting myself.
In the end, this was a total meeeeeeh. Yes, I sickly enjoyed Miss Perfect Serena and her downfall, but alas, I hate perfect characters. A great cast, but a total meh movie. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 1 star.

Re-watch?: No.


Blodeuedd said...

Yikes! no thank you mam

Melliane said...

Ouch sorry to see it was like that. I didn't know it but now I'll pass.

Anachronist said...

I hate unreal Perfection and I hate brainless noise movies so thank you very much,no thanks.

Carole Rae said...

B, ugh I know.

Melliane, please do skip.

Ana, hahaha at least I saved you from this one. ;)