Sunday, November 8

Book Review: The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan

Author: Rachel Morgan
Title: The Faerie Guardian (Creepy Hollow #1)
Genre: Fantasy, YA, Paranormal Romance, & Action
Pages: ebook
First Published: April 2012
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon freebie)

Protecting humans from dangerous magical creatures is all in a day’s work for a faerie training to be a guardian. Seventeen-year-old Violet Fairdale knows this better than anyone—she’s about to become the best guardian the Guild has seen in years. That is, until a cute human boy who can somehow see through her faerie glamor follows her into the Fae realm. Now she’s broken Guild Law, a crime that could lead to her expulsion.

The last thing Vi wants to do is spend any more time with the boy who got her into this mess, but the Guild requires that she return Nate to his home and make him forget everything he’s discovered of the Fae realm. Easy, right? Not when you factor in evil faeries, long-lost family members, and inconvenient feelings of the romantic kind. Vi is about to find herself tangled up in a dangerous plot—and it’ll take all her training to get out alive.

This was an Amazon freebie. I think it may still be free.

The story is about Violet who is a faerie in training to be a guardian (like a protector of faeries, humans, and anyone else who is an innocent from the badies from the Underworld). Things go a wee bit wrong when she saves a human boy who can see through her "glamour" makeup (pretty much makes her invisible to non-magic people) and accidentally follows her to her world - WHICH is a big no-no. From there an adventure and romance begins that Violet really doesn't want. 

The beginning had me absolutely hooked! I adored Violet and her gang of faerie friends. The world was nice. I liked how the author introduced us to the world pretty much at the same time as Nate. It was a nice way to get all that information out and it made sense to do it that way since he himself is new to this world.

Gah - I was not a fan of Nate. I warmed up to him a bit, but I still wasn't a huge fan of him. I get making jokes, but really? He seemed to take in everything so well, even after the big reveal. Really? No one would be that calm. No one. I don't care who you are. I'm open minded myself, but I would be really freaked out. 

The story was fun, but very, very predictable. Nothing surprised me and I pretty much guessed the twist and the ending. After the halfway point, though, I started skimming because it started to drag for a bit.

I am curious to see what is next though. I am really hoping that the author avoids the trap of the love triangle. Please, please, please! Especially not with Ryn being the third point on that triangle (I do fear it though). It took a while, but I'm beginning to really like Ryn more then Nate. 

In the end, this was pretty good. A nice fantasy novel with some romance thrown in. There are more in the series and I am curious to read the next one. I hope the over-used love triangle is avoided. If it is used, please don't pick Ryn to be that second guy who is fighting for Vi's love. I'll punch him, because he doesn't deserve that. It was a fun world and a fun adventure overall. This shall be stamped with 3 stars.


Blodeuedd said...

I think I have it, but is too lazy to check

Anachronist said...

Ugh, a love triangle in YA romance is like weeds - it spreads and spreads and you can't get rid of it. I am in two minds about this one.

Carole Rae said...

B, you might. It is a freebie (and I think I seen it on your GR list)

Ana, I know. I just hope the next one it doesn't happen. xI I worry.