Thursday, November 5

Book Review: Egghead - Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone by Bo Burnham

Author: Bo Burnham
Drawings: Chance Bone
Title: Egghead - Or You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone
Genre: Poetry, Nonfiction, & Comedy
Pages: 240
First Published: 2013
Where I Got It: Borrowed from friend

Bo Burnham was a precocious teenager living in his parents' attic when he started posting material on YouTube. 100 million people viewed those videos, turning Bo into an online sensation with a huge and dedicated following. Bo taped his first of two Comedy Central specials four days after his 18th birthday, making him the youngest to do so in the channel's history. Now Bo is a rising star in the comedy world, revered for his utterly original and intelligent voice. And, he can SIIIIIIIIING!

In EGGHEAD, Bo brings his brand of brainy, emotional comedy to the page in the form of off-kilter poems, thoughts, and more. Teaming up with his longtime friend, artist, and illustrator Chance Bone, Bo takes on everything from death to farts in this weird book that will make you think, laugh and think, "why did I just laugh?"

As you can see when you scroll down, I decided to do another review video. Sadly, my cell phone was acting up (and has been for a while, but I am cheap and I am letting it die before I get a new on), so I used my laptop video recorder. The quality isn't the best (again cheap-sake here!) and I stink at being on camera. Enjoy. I did ramble quite a bit, so feel free to ignore the video and to just scroll down to the "Conclusion" bit of my review.

Well, this was a fun and quick read. It's poetry, so it is also quick. Hilarious stuff. Some poems were cheesy and meh, but the rest I enjoyed. The drawing made this so much better. Again, I only recommend this type of humor/poetry to those that like darker, controversial, sometime foul-language filled humor. It is not meant for those easily offended. Not the worse, but certainly needs a "Warning" stamp. In the end, I shall stamp this with 4 stars. 


Blodeuedd said...

Poetry...nooo, I just read WWI poets

Carole Rae said...

B, lol. This poetry is prolly much more uplifting and less depressing. ;)

Anachronist said...

It was lovely to watch you and hear you talking about a book with poetry - thank you! Your laptop is not that bad, mine is worse!

Melliane said...

I'm not that much into poetry but I'm glad you had a good time!

Carole Rae said...

Ana, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my rambling and my silly poetry reading voice.

Melliane, :)