Thursday, August 6

Movie Review: Hart's War (2002)

Length: 2 hr & 8 mins
Released: 2002
Genre: Drama
Rating: R
Where I Got It: On my shelf (Boyfriend's DVD)


Lt. Tommy Hart, a second-year Harvard Law School student who enlists to fight in World War II but ends up being taken prisoner by the Germans. When a murder at the Nazi-run Stalag Luft 13 leaves a black Tuskegee airman named Lt. Lincoln Scott accused of the crime, high-ranking prisoner Col. William McNamara persuades camp commandant Col. Werner Visser to allow the prisoners to hold their own trial. Hart is recruited to defend his fellow officer, but as he reluctantly investigates, he discovers that not all of his fellow allied soldiers are fighting the same war and that his "client" may well have been framed. In the meantime, it becomes apparent that McNamara is using events to mask his true intent, a mission to destroy a nearby munitions plant that he still intends to carry out despite his incarceration


I am so surprised I have never finished this movie!? I tried a long time ago, but I couldn't finish it. I don't even remember why I didn't finish it. Odd. However, I watched it again and I liked it a lot!

It has great actors in it, set during WWII, an original story-line, and a hell of twist that I didn't even see coming. A great WWII flick that deserved some more recognition! And I am still confused why I never finished it years ago...hmmmm...

The movie does make A GREAT point about the hypocrites that Americans were during those times. We gave Hitler and his minions lots of crap for the hatred they have for...well...everyone not them. However, Americans were known (still are) for the racism they have for Blacks and other non-white people. An excellent point and I am glad that the subplot was about that. I love when movies go over controversial, but TRUE facts like that.

I will stop my rambling on that, because THAT itself could be a post itself.

Like I mentioned, a great cast of actors. At first I was weary, because I've never seen a few of them in Historical movies, but they did well. The accents were good; even the German accents. Everyone had the right accents for the right area. That always gets a star from me JUST for that. Is it so much to ask for people to act with the right accents? Not just British or American?


Ah, the ending. So good. So sad, but oh so good. A character certainly redeemed himself in my eyes. I can't say WHO or WHAT happened, because it would completely spoil the entire movie. However, yes, I applaud the ending.

The first 10 mins I was unsure. It seemed like it was going to be cheesy/boring, but it pulled itself together. :)

In the end, this was an excellent WWII movie. The first 10 mins were sketchy, but it pulled itself together and turned into something much, MUCH more complex and deeper then I imagined. I shall happily recommend this to movie lovers, especially those who enjoy WWII movies like me. Out of fives, I shall stamp this with 5. WOOT

Re-watch?: I would. 


Blodeuedd said...

I can't remember if I have seen it

Carole Rae said...

Then you should give it a ago. ;)

Anachronist said...

Oh now I want to watch it if I can find it!

Carole Rae said...

LOL. IDK where boyfriend got his copy, so no suggestions on this side.