Friday, December 26

Movie Review: Painted Skin - The Resurrection

Length: 2 hr & 11 mins
Released: 2012
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, & Fantasy
Rating: Unrated (I would say about PG-13)

Where I Got It: Netflix


An ancient fox spirit embarks on a diabolical quest to become human after escaping an icy prison, and becomes bound to a disfigured princess who seeks the love of a noble guard as her kingdom crumbles in this lavish supernatural epic. Confined to a frozen cell for centuries, malevolent fox spirit Xiaowei regains her freedom and seeks to preserve her beauty by seducing men and consuming their hearts. Should a man offer her his heart willingly, Xiaowei will become mortal, breaking free of the underworld and experiencing living among the living. Meanwhile, as a dark cloud falls over her kingdom, Princess Jing flees, hiding her deep facial scars under a mask of pure gold while seeking the love of her former protector, who remains haunted by his failure to save her years prior. When destiny brings Xiaowei and Princess Jing together, the battle for the princess' heart begins.


This has been sitting on my TW list for a while and I was so excited when this popped up on Netflix!

This was a weird, weird movie. Super weird...but a good weird. I really want to watch the first movie (I did not know that existed), so I can get more of a back story of the Fox Demon, Xiaowei. It's totally a stand alone movie, but I would like to see what Xiaowei really did to get frozen for 500 years. Ugh - totally horrible fate btw!

The effects were totally awesome. Some were a little cheesy, but overall they were all really cool and very pretty. I especially loved the cliff scene - just for the fact of how pretty it was. The rest of the scene and how we got to the scene was not...well...happy. But yea.

The acting was good and the fight scenes were pretty good too. One scene near the end made me shake my head. Huo was an idiot. I love the actor, I really do, but goodness Huo needed a good punch on the face. *SPOILER ALERT* Yes, lets blind yourself RIGHT before the big battle, because you cheated on your love due to be seduced by the beauty of the Fox demon. Let's prove your love later buck-a-roo. Tsk *SPOILER ENDED* However, I did love the fact that Jing and the Fox demon did become "friends" in a sense. It was unexpecting, but I thought it was an interesting turn of events. 

In the end, this was a fun adventure. I loved the acting and fight scenes. Huo was an idiot, but I love the actor so I tried looking past it. Princess Jing deserved better, but hey...the heart wants what the heart wants and she had loved him for as long as she could. A couple scenes were cheesy, but they were awesome. I do really want to watch the first movie, because I think I would understand some of the references, but it did stand well as a stand alone. I shall stamp this with 4 stars, it's more like 3.5, but I rounded. :)

Favorite Character(s): Jing, the Fox Demon, and Que'r (I loved her love story with the demon hunter, it was cute)
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Huo (I love the actor, but the character needed a punch in the face)


Melliane said...

I don't think I've tried this one but it sounds interesting. To see!

Blodeuedd said...

Sounds cool! :D

Carole Rae said...

Melliane, it was good!

B, :D You'll like it. Super fantasy-istic

Anachronist said...

I might want to watch it if I find it, thank you!

Carole Rae said...

:D I think you'd enjoy it