Thursday, December 18

Movie Review: Belle (2014)

Length: 1 hr & 42 mins
Released: 2013
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG

Where I Got It: Online rent

BELLE is inspired by the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate mixed race daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay. Raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield and his wife, Belle's lineage affords her certain privileges, yet her status prevents her from the traditions of noble social standing. While her cousin Elizabeth chases suitors for marriage, Belle is left on the sidelines wondering if she will ever find love. After meeting an idealistic young vicar's son bent on changing society, he and Belle help shape Lord Mansfield's role as Lord Chief Justice to end slavery in England


I've been wanting to watch this movie FOREVER!! I'm a little unsure about where to begin, so I shall divide and conquer this review. 

-Belle "Dido": Poor girl. Kuddos to her being so tough about everything. Especially a certain jerk and the jerk's mother. I was worried that she was going to be a "perfect" character, but it took her time to develop into a strong woman. 
-Captain Lindsay: I wish he got some more screen time, because he was an awesome guy. He didn't give a damn about his reputation, he wanted to do rights by his daughter Belle.
-Lady Mary: At first I didn't like her, but I loved her after a while.
-Lady Mansfield: first I didn't like her, but she made it up and did right by Belle. 
-Lord Mansfield: One of my favorite actors! It made me happy to see his face. 
-Elizabeth: I liked her even though she was a total air-head and totally naive at times. At one point I wanted to punch her, but she made it up.
-Lady Ashford: Total beeeeyotch. >______>
-Oliver Ashford: I did like him even tho he said some dumb things.
-James Ashford: DRACO MALFOY! Oh *cough* um, hello weird looking guy. Why did he look so weird? Maybe they made him look weird to fit his nasty personality. Why does this actor like playing an ass all the time?
-Davinier: Awwwwwwwwe. :3 Cute. 

(So many characters, I know)

I never heard of Miss Belle and her story. I never even heard of her before! Hmmmm, I want to know more about her. Are there books or other movies about her? I want to learn more. Kuddos to her....they treated her like such crap at times. She was too high of status to eat with the slaves, but not white enough to eat with the family during events. So, so sad how evil humanity can be. :/ 

I did oddly love the love triangle. Crazy, right? I am so glad that Belle picked the right lad in the end though...because he truly deserved her and never really ever noticed her being half black. Ok, he noticed it but never said any dumb comments about it like the other lad did. I was certainly nervous, but alas, my worries were for not. 

The Ending
Yayy! It made me happy. I almost got really upset, but they didn't let me down (I knew what would happen, because its historical fact, but I try to ignore the facts and go for the ride). 

I loved the cast they got for the characters; they all did good. The story was also good and had me hooked. Even Boyfriend was totally into the movie. I also want to know more about Belle "Dido", so I shall go on the search for books and movies about her. In the end, I recommend this to those that love historical movies mixed with some controversial issues. I shall stamp this with 5 stars. :)

Favorite Character(s): Belle, Captain Lindsay, Elizabeth, and Davinier
Not-so Favorite Character(s): James & Lady Ashford
Re-watch?: Yes! A good one! Adding it to my collection of historical films. 


Giselle said...

Ooh this looks good! And I'd never heard of Miss Belle and her story before either. I will have to check this movie out! :)

Blodeuedd said...

I started it and it was good but then <i never had time to finish it *headdesk*

Melliane said...

you made me quite curious now, I didn't know about her either.

Anachronist said...

Sounds like right up my alley, thank you very much! If only I can find it...

Carole Rae said...

Giselle, its so odd no one I know have heard of her!


Melliane, :3 I think you'll like it.

Ana, you'll like it. It's good. Ummmmm, I downloaded mine.