Thursday, July 19

Thursday Book Teaser

Simply bored.

I know there are a few memes like this floating around the blogging world, but oh well. It'll have a Carole-twist to it, so its all good. I want to blog this and see if I like it. I like trying new things. I'm a random kid...what can I say. Feel free to join! Help me form this! This meme is just putty that I'm playing with. Perhaps I could have a co-host of this meme *winks* *winks*. Maybe someone can come up with a snazy little picture to go along with this *winks* *winks*

The basic of this meme is to tease other readers with what you are reading. Every week the page number and etc that is going to be shared will be different. I'll play with this notion a little more. The amount shared depends on how much you want to share. Warning is a TEASER not a SPOILER! Try not to ruin anything for a reader. If the random page number and etc lands at a spoiler part, just pick something else. It's not set in stone. ^.^ This weeks teaser will be: page 7 starting at word 19.

I'll be sharing mine from 'To Tame a Highland Warrior' by Karen Marie Moning:

"'...Get on with ye now! Yer Da's in trouble!' She pointed a quivering finger last the last row if smoldering huts. 

Gavrael narrowed his eyes against the smoke and stumbled forward. He'd never felt so drained in all his life. Moving awkwardly, he rounded one of the few huts still standing and jerked to a halt.

His da was crumpled on the ground, covered with blood, his sword abandoned at his side in the dirt.

Grief and anger vied for supremacy in Gavrael's heart, leaving him strangely hollow. As he stared down at his father, the image of his mother's body surged to the forefront of his mind and the last of his youthful illusions shattered; tonight had birthed both an extraordinary warrior and flesh-and-blood man with inadequate defenses. 'Why, Da? Why?'...."

Did that tease you a little?? haha.

Any ideas on how to make this meme more fun so other people will play along?